71. Wedew Aysiku II:Dumb File’s Heist (The Sequel to The Curse of the Zlovel_4evr@yahoo.com)

Apparently there is no silver bullet for this problem. Heck, there ain’t even a bronze one. But the main thing is to have your files, at least once in your lifetime, tampered with by the virus, and you ending up angrier, sorrier and more desperate.


That was the as of yet not waned spirit of the Olympics.


Now somewhere down the line I have said that Easyrecovery may be the answer. But there are three computers in the lab and one of them (even though it does not have Easyrecovery installed) does the same thing as the computer (downstairs) which has Easyrecovery installed. What is this thing that these computers do? They display faded files whose names begin with Hid_ and are followed by the original names of the files that have been changed to 1 kb and with the right file size. The 1 kb files will still be there in their 1 kbness and brightness. The next thing to do will be open the faded files individually and save them onto a folder somewhere on the computer. The files will retain the Hid_, that is inconsequential and could be fixed the usual way, and regain their brightness and lose the 1 kb and get the right file size and are ready to be paraded into the world of files with new-found confidence and self-respect. Sounds like a cosmetics advert.


When all the files have been recovered that way, the flash can then be formatted and the files sent to it from the folder on the computer (not so safe from personal experience, the files may again be struck) or burned onto a CD. The files are finally ready to be seen on a computer that does show the hidden files.


The above is how my friends do it and what I have adopted as the best way of dealing with the scourge.


What is the exact basis for recovery? WONK T’NOD I. Turning on the “view hidden files” option alone may not be it because the other two computers in the lab and some more have been set this way but do not show hidden files. And there is nothing special in my view about the two computers on which I have witnessed with my four eyes files being salvaged from absolute and annoying nothingness into meaningful existence.  Except may be for their having Za Shitrino processors and the shiny “Recover ‘em like dat!” on their system units.


My advice to you:


-Have either the brains or the luck (like I had) to configure into recovery-mode or be in the presence of a computer that does recovery, respectively,


-Have the patience to carefully recover your files in case there is a shit load of them,



– Have the wisdom to choose between a flash, a CD or a combo, when taking the files for use on another computer.


I understand that luck is something not to be dwelled upon but to be shared with others. And I choose to share my luck with damsels in distress (from the virus) who happen to reside in Addis Ababa. I promise, no tiene nada que ver con losing anything. It is about recovery muchacha!




70. Asiregnawin amet bemasmelket

yemerkato arada

I met some of my old friends last night. I was surprised by how smart they have gotten in such a short time.

I’ll explain why. The first one bought a new watch. The watch was …..hmmm shall I say different? The watch is not a digital watch. It doesn’t have handes either. It has four columns of leds. The first two columns have six leds each, a led standing for one hour. The third column has four leds, each for 15 minutes. The fourth…..Come to think of it I’m not even sure if I got the number of columns and the denominations right. But you get the idea. You got some serious counting to do before you could tell the time.

!. Plus, he bought it for 70 pounds which is about 140 dollars or 1400 birr. He even tells me he researched on different types of watches to get the best one. He is doing his PhD at the moment. Good luck with that! The “watch” comes with a metallic strap that makes the wearer look like he just escaped but couldn’t get one pair of the handcuff off. My friend likes it tough. I wondered what would happen if one of the leds failed. Specially the one in the first or second column. What can you tell about the time, well…uhh it is 10:00 plus or minus one hour! You got to press a button to “read the time”. The leds turn on for a very short time so you got to quickly finish the count. If time is up, you press again and hope you win the race this time.

Another friend got his email hacked by one of his former flat mates. “Come on, that is smart!” you might say. Well, the hacker sent an email to *her* friend and signed her name at the bottom. What the? Then he said he used to lend his laptop to her and that he keeps all his passwords in a file called “Passwords.doc” on his desktop.

man yigdelachew?


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