68. Selam new?!

Girls are not normally interested in me.


Thursday I was with one of my friends from high school.  He is going abroad tonight so we had to meet one last time, for the first time in Lord knows how long.  And if you have not been informed of it, another mutual friend of ours from high school and college is about to join you-especially one of you.  Details, I gladly can’t give you. 


Anywho, the first friend and I were discussing what else, but girls.  He was providing seemingly simple strategy and I was listening intently, my main destruction coming from the girl that was sitting in front of us facing her guy. ..


We laughed, cried and said our goodbyes. While I was returning home, I bumped into another friend escorted by two chicks. Actually the girls were next to one another, but what the heck, I am sticking to the escorted story. Said hi to them in passing.


Yesterday the last friend calls and says and I quote and what a quote, “one of the girls from last time liked you and has asked me for your number”.




The first emotion I felt was pity: pity for the scores of poor girls that dug me but did not know my friend to ask for my number.  C est la vie!


After I was done with the collar popping, the brushing dirt off of my shoulders, the patting myself on the back, and the telling myself that pimpin’ ain’t easy,r eality struck with all its might.  I remembered how I was egiru lay wdeke silemnew to hook me up with someone.  Ok the last statement may be false, but my friend, noticing my plight as a good friend would, may have put in a good word for me.  Remember from Russell Peters about the goat that laid eggs? He might even have promised her “effort wasted on him–back” guarantee; here is the coupon, hold on to it tight!


Could not sleep for sometime last night owing to the exxxcitement. And the little time I slept, I dreamt of this girl clad in trailing  white, me standing next to her dressed in orange, a grand piano playing a rendition of locked up…

Speaking of Akon, he and T Pain are sure making hits like the factory!


And Mulatu Astatke, I have read that he is throwing big concerts In Europe and the states.I visit allaboutjazz.com and there he was, his composition on top of the 200 most downloaded songs. He may after all be changing my childhood impression of him as that mildly weird guy who played that mildly mysterious instrument in ETv fillers.


Lies be unspoken, my excitement was mostly about how I was going to write this post. Beknownst to thee, behind most of my posts there is a woman or at least the thought thereof.  I have been having probably the driest spell of my blogging career and was even thinking of doing a greatest hits sort of thing. But out of nothing came post material that was hard to pass by and I am sitting here writing this when I should have been working on my thesis.

Yep I am still up on that shit!


Enter the instrumental of Still Dre


Since the last time you read from me


 -I read some books;well, hell, they ain’t many, A Hundred Years of Solitude, The Old Man and the Sea, Things Fall Apart ,The Kite Runner  and now it is  To Kill a Mocking Bird


– The power shifts were scrapped. Heaven knows how many women are walking around with “yechelemaw lijoch” inside them. Wait, that was harsh. Most of us are the fruits of the dark.


-They painted one building of the ministry of defence yellow, no reservations about the alicha simile there.  Next on the plans is drawings on the walls, in the tradition of the walls of   Wello Sefer : Por que miseria ? War,what is it good for ? etc

Meanwhile UNMEE is to withdraw from the buffer zone.  Yesterday, I was checking El País – I tries, hombre- and was hoping to read a story about Tirunesh. Instead, there was the story about Ethiopian soldiers shooting indiscriminately on Somali civilians and killing 38 people, after a convoy was hit by a bomb. No Al Jazeera involved this time. And given their previous performances at home soil, I would not fault them of not committing the act.

– Saw equb translated as satellite bank

Learnt that undertone meant overtone


-Tsehaye came out with a VCD named blene and his blens were not showing (he has shades on)


-Thought I dropped my flash in a taxi and waited on two taxi stops, for an hour at one of them, hoping to see a kid woyala um sorry redat (gotta be politically correct now) wearing a light green sweater, and wasting a whole day in the process.  The wretched flash was chilling at home all that time.

I served as a redat this morning.  I made sure that two people got an extra five sent on their changes like we taking over!


Next stop-post 69.  Fittingly,  will try my horniest to  have something nasty for ye all.






3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 13:19:48

    Ohhh. That lucky boy ” gizew tiru aydelem bileh atmekrewum”

    Hey ” hoden iyebelagn new” so please tell me who it is


  2. tibebe
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 10:25:18

    Yo boi is getting his ass kicked. And you know that Abush never rolls with less than three 🙂

    can not tell you who is leaving; top secret 😉


  3. betty
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 22:34:49

    Hey your gal was wondering where you were, and glad that you are back. Who is leaving? and is the dude with two chikas ABUSH?


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