Ok, come on  you have to admit he deserves to be mentioned at least once  on the blog. I saw him playing for westham some time ago.. it has been a while. It is amazing, that club has produced Lampard (Lampi), Ferdinand… others. But Joye ( ok Tibe, Joe Cole) was and is special. At chelsea he has done great things, on the national side he has been super ( 2006 world cup I mean.). But I have seen how Jose Mourinho has worked with him. He never was mad, but he took him out of the pitch if he was not sharing or doing what he wanted Joye to do….. times passed, he is a good , great , in fact one of the best players England has ever produced.

I always laugh when Cappello gets mad, he has this sort of Italian way of showing his frustration but sometime it is so funny that you just break down and laugh. I bet Capello was doing the same thing  when they were playing Andorra.  He was mad with Joe and Rooney or so according to what I read on BBC. I am sure Mourinho is laughing if  he reads it. But angry or not Capello should appreciate what the lad (as the English  would say)  did, it was amazing. He came in substituted and scored 2 super goals and saved the day. I liked what Capello said even if he was angry with JOye though…

“I have got to think about Joe,” said Capello. “He is very good for himself at the moment and very good for us.

“Cole at this moment is scoring goals for fun.”


Well how about that..



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  1. tibebe
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 10:58:59

    Consider your comments unread fool 😎

    Yeah , we gon’ fight for our right to be normal.

    I don’t know if I have asked you this question before,probably have,I was wondering, with what do you fill the huge void left in your life in the absence of football?


  2. betty
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 00:49:01

    Yeah Yeah what ever. You donot know what you are missing. I will just say, ” no body want to see us together but it donot matter no, no…”


  3. getere
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 19:57:56

    excellent post! really excellent! i hate football talk. i don’t think it should even fall in the category of “talk”. it should be called fooalk or something. yeah it is hard to pronounce but clearly, i don’t care!

    so why did i say it was an excellent talk? by the time the reader reaches the second statement, they know that the article is fooalk. scrolling down, the first first few words of the second paragraph are still fooalk. the last statement too. so those who dislike fooalk read only four statements to know this is all fooalk. the time saved can then be used to bash fooalk.

    such a good win-lose situation 😀


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