Ain’t nothing like a good virus to get one writing.  Ladies and gents, we have got another one! This particular affliction has to do with all files disappearing save for a new icon which goes by the name Removable Disk.exe and looks like the hard disk icon of  one of  those old school computers.


 Similarities with the earlier bozo

à  the files are still there to be seen  through virus scanner dialog boxes


à a folder, Removable Disk, nests in Start > All programs > Startup, and causes the computer to log off  immediately after booting. This could be overcome by, you guessed it, deleting the Removable Disk folder.



à  Hid_ files could not be recovered by the computers that used to


More on this some other time. Right now, let me hit you with some personal stuff. It is like a kebele thing where, to buy something, you also had to take something else. Hey! Don’t you dare stop reading on me now.

 I have been meaning to punch this guy in the face. He is one character in this farce which I have been involved in for quite some time now. This guy is so mean that Lucifer has a “good” mind to build his team around him-numero diez, hell’s centerpiece.  And funnily enough, he calls me the devils incarnate.


Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above.) Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)     Romans 10:6-7


But he really is a certified asshole. Then again I am not exactly blameless myself. And you know how messed up  it is, being unable to call out somebody on their bullshit ,let alone calling out their bullshit  but even telling yourself that they are wicked, when you know that you are so full of bullshit yourself.

So what do I think from my inches thick glass house?

I wish I could take his face off of him – I really hate his face, put in on mine and punch myself.


I think I have a thing for my Spanish teacher. I have not yet had butterflies though.  Some caterpillars may be, I admit. And boy am I tired of seeing the caterpillars hatch by myself everytime !



In any event, is it Tuesday yet?


Ladies older than me and I, we go way back like car seats. That is to say I have always had a penchant for them. First grade I used to write love letters to my sister’s friend who was a ninth grader. My earliest recollection of an erection, I was visually assaulted by my fifth grade Amharic teacher. Hold your horses people! She did not do striptease in class or anything. It was something else; something far more innocuous.  


More examples as they come to me because they are aplenty strewn about in my life. Ok I am exaggerating. What kind of person do you take me for?

May be one or two more.


I would like to take this opportunity to say, to hell with girls below 30.





73. Liyunetun feligu

I mean, besides the obvious ?

Deng! Time’s up !

The first is just before defence and the other one is just after.

Yeah baby!

How am I doing ?

Well,hum, I am pretty overwhelmed by the enormity and at the same time trifling nature of the situation.

You know, I used to dream of this date months back and had even decided upon which song I was going to post.

But now I am like fuck it.

Wanaw lisemeribet yemigebaw mecheresu new.

And as an afterthought , I feel good and all that shit.


what did we learn Boys and Girls?

Ok life has been dormant for the past ..umm 4 or 5 months and I am praying the volcano erupts soon. So it was friday and my brother told me to look for a movie we can watch. I forgot about it untill he calls me later in the day to talk about stuff and then asked me if there were some good movies out. So I googled show times and ” Righteous kill” was showing but I said  to my self I need some comedy and I would rather watch the one where ” Brad pitt” and ” George Clooney” were starring on.  Yeah ” Burn after reading”, hey donot blame me they are great stars, can be comedians when they want to and I kind of thought it must be a good movie. Was I in for a surprize, it was a complicated movie that wastes the times of everyone watching and the characters in the movie as well. The only funny part was the spanish dude saying ” I found it laying on the floor or something like that”. I mean I admit it doesnot take much to make me laugh, but the movie was pointless. And the ” CIA” head at the end of the movie asks ” so what did we learn from this” and another guy answers ” I donot know” and then the ” CIA” guy says ” I donot know either, but we learned not to make the same mistake again”. yeah that is what I learned, just because a great movie star acts on it; it doesnot mean the movie is going to be appealing to me. What must Aristotle say about this so called ” Tragedy”.


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