what did we learn Boys and Girls?

Ok life has been dormant for the past ..umm 4 or 5 months and I am praying the volcano erupts soon. So it was friday and my brother told me to look for a movie we can watch. I forgot about it untill he calls me later in the day to talk about stuff and then asked me if there were some good movies out. So I googled show times and ” Righteous kill” was showing but I said  to my self I need some comedy and I would rather watch the one where ” Brad pitt” and ” George Clooney” were starring on.  Yeah ” Burn after reading”, hey donot blame me they are great stars, can be comedians when they want to and I kind of thought it must be a good movie. Was I in for a surprize, it was a complicated movie that wastes the times of everyone watching and the characters in the movie as well. The only funny part was the spanish dude saying ” I found it laying on the floor or something like that”. I mean I admit it doesnot take much to make me laugh, but the movie was pointless. And the ” CIA” head at the end of the movie asks ” so what did we learn from this” and another guy answers ” I donot know” and then the ” CIA” guy says ” I donot know either, but we learned not to make the same mistake again”. yeah that is what I learned, just because a great movie star acts on it; it doesnot mean the movie is going to be appealing to me. What must Aristotle say about this so called ” Tragedy”.



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