78. Keshebawoch alem


27 is the new 17 – you have got your whole life ahead of you.

I am glad the above statement is not true. I could not have lived with the whole of my life ahead of me. Just when I thought I was making progress, moving numbers…

27 is a simple number; just like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … you get the point. This last statement made me understand that I had gotten old. When you start counting your years one by one and after a certain point, you lose your audience, then you know you’re old. After 10, the numbers would translate as “la la la la” inside people’s heads, and like I said, you would start getting old.

So I am old.

And what do old people do? For one thing, they dispense advice. You know, about life and stuff. When you take it easy on the living-front, that is what you will be reduced to being-advice dispensers, hot and cold.

Today I want to write to you about life and stuff.

On second thoughts, I want to write about life only.

To begin with, there is no such thing as “life”.

OK OK! There is-everybody knows that! That’s everybody minus Osho.

But what is life all about?

My life can not represent the billions of human lives that have inhabited this earth ever since its IPO. But the lessons from my life would hopefully add to the growing body of wisdom leading up to a definitive meaning for this life business and what it is supposed to be about.

I have never lived years. I have never lived days even. What I have ever lived are moments. Some happy, others not-so-happy.

Another thing expected of old people –legacy. It is all about what they did when they used to be alive. I LIVED WHEN I USED TO BE ALIVE! I mean doesn’t that count for something? As if life isn’t hard enough, you are supposed to do all these extra-curricular activities. Confound it!

Why couldn’t they just say my name, lived this much years (at which point the people would start to cry heartily), God rest his soul, and beqa !

While we are at the cemetery, I want to let you know that I have come across the perfect epitaph. Don’t worry; just like you, I don’t know when I am going to die. It is from the book Herzog. What I can say about this Herzog character is that he had some issues but he also had his fair share (or more) of pussy. It goes something like:

“Lord, I had tried to fight the good battle; but I kept tripping along the way to the battlefield that I couldn’t get there”

Of course it is going to be a big tombstone, with acres of writing space, given the legacy that I am going to leave behind.

Okkk what did I forget? Tombstone, legacy, advice, I am not done on the advice part.

My credo is that nothing should get me down, ever. But I forget and hence the constant shift between zeniths and nadirs. The guy who said “what I know is that I don’t know jackshit” could have preferably said “Of course I know shit . But man oh man I forget “. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t an awful lot of “knowledge” to be gained in this world. Just be happy, whatever the circumstance; that’s the better alternative after all.

That is the case, at least for my life.

Easier said than done; my bout of happiness, I know it is not going to last. And once I get down, I know that I am going to be up again.

So I am confused which one of my moments I should like more: the bad ones with the promise of betterment or the good ones with the threat of dissipation. Can you give me an advice?

Seriously you did not expect that I was going to give you advices .Did you?

Bemecheresahm leanbabiwoch/admachoch/temelkachoch yemakafilew  minim getemegene yelegnim. Yihew haya sebat amet mulu minim neger saygetmegne.



7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 13:45:03

    I am not dead yet and there she goes, Betty recounting my good deeds!

    T , you too must be dying to share a story about me 😕 (Thanks for the good wishes btw)

    Love kisses and hugs right back atcha betty , multiplied 27 fold 🙂

    You know what is worse than being old? denial! Admit it –you’re old. And you talk about us like we were the fantastic three or sumthin’

    Nice explanation about the picture. nice but wrong. I was just trying to show the location of 27 on my life cycle. But big ups to Nero Photosnaps, turned out cooler than I expected.

    Way to compare happiness with cholera!

    I admit, sometimes it looks like betty has an upcoming biology exam 😀 but T should be glad that she decided to impart some wisdom on his biologically-challenged ass.

    who you calling korkoro ras, korkoro ras ?

    Enough of the korkoro and tifir talk. It makes me cringe even thinking about it.


  2. getere
    Jun 02, 2009 @ 16:40:45

    I do now:


    korkoro sifaq

    biological terminologies, …..

    in that order. You can guess how much I dislike football. I’d rather someone korkoro mefaq instead of talk football. OK ok I’m exaggerating. Korkoro bitfeligum keyet tametalachu biye eko new. Although Tibe can go as far as keeping a small korkoro in that hand bag of his if he is up for it.

    korkoro ras hula


  3. betty
    May 30, 2009 @ 15:21:04

    about the not laughing to tears part: it is not age believe me Tiliye. It is simple, we are away from people that know us and that brighten our days with just saying “hi” or like Tibe used to make me laugh even when he is saying ” oh get away from me, I cannot stand the sight of you.” we are out of our comfort zone; it was where we belonged, where we felt accepted no matter what. And now after coming here, it all looks fake, the only time you find me laughing really is when something silly happens or if I am watching some hilarious show. sad? yes.. old age? Ney.. believe me if we all were to be together and if they put us in a deserted island, our tears while laughing will be enough to resemble a ” Tidal pool” (not a biology word)… the point is we all are extraordinary together, and that time for us will come.

    Ok let me tell you what Tibe advised me one time when I was so upset at a friend of mine who kept remembering stuff that happened ages ago to blame me for every little thing…
    Betty : I am mad, sad, I want to cry,
    Papy: What happened.
    Betty: He just kept remebering stuff that happened ages ago and he is blaming me for evey little thing that goes wrong.
    Papy : well, you know what? lets to talk to sammi.
    Betty: thinking (what does sammi has to do with anything.. is papy listening to me?).. huh?
    Papy: yeah talk to sammi into building your friend a new hardware, and software for that matter, so that he will forget the things of the past.

    I laughed and just like that I forgot about what I was mad about and moved on… you see what I noticed about papy is that, he didnot even ask what the whole deal was about, he just was interested in making me feel better, which he did.

    love, kisses, hugs to both of you


  4. betty
    May 30, 2009 @ 14:56:04

    Sorry Tiliye, I get carried away sometimes, taboo list? lol,I didnot know you had one


  5. getere
    May 30, 2009 @ 13:08:16

    My experience is life became harder as I got older but I also became stronger and mature too. So the days are just as they used to. But there is the issue of not laughing to tears as I used to – but that could be because I moved away….maybe age is to be blamed ….

    Tibe, I expected that you’d give some advice (whether I expected it could be of any use is another question).

    Anyhow, happy 27. I think this year will be enjoyable!


  6. betty
    May 30, 2009 @ 10:48:51

    are you sure about the “Getemegne” part? T help me out here.


  7. betty
    May 29, 2009 @ 16:48:27

    I will have to think about what my comment is gonna be for next time. I am getting old too,so the mind needs a little bit of stimulation to come up with stuff, donot ask me what that stimulant is; arat kilo salen ” yetemesgen cafe shai ena buna kilkil neber” now I cannot do that since they kidney will be stimulated to end up having Nephrolithiasis.

    So the picture at the top. it looks like an agar more specifically a (TCBS) agar used for isolation of cholera vibrios and Vibrio parahaemolyticus ( copy paste)… and apparently no growth. So I believe you are saying if there is no happiness, we will not grow, we will just perish.

    Enough channeling a silly idol philosopher here


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