90. Mooziqa Mooziqa Mooziqa … big ups to Cherry! and Ababa Tesfaye too!!

My favorite song at the moment:

My favorite singer at the moment:

And, yeahhhh!


89.Hats off !

Who said there was no art inside Tibebe’s crib? 😡

Copy of Imagen003


That is how people – Betty or T, for example -would react when they come to visit me and find out that I am in bed with the fairer sex. Not that I am into the sterner sex. It’s just that shit is way overdue; I have been talking the talk and not fucking the fuck. One of these hours I am going to go out on a limb and ask a girl benatsh, yezaren bicha kiberigne! wendim yeleshim woy?

So they would be surprised to find me in that state of affairs, and their hats would come off a la those cartoons.

The hats could also come off owing to admiration for the way I be handling biz:

“get in there son! don’t stop git it git it!!”

“…….I…am…. try…ing…”

Imagine if MTV Cribs came to my house (why they call it “music television” I just can’t get). Come through the door; make a sharp, immediate left and… “this is where it all happens; where it all goes down”

That is where I sit, eat, read, sleep, do crunches (gotta stay in shape :smile:) …

Actually nothing could go down over there. How can one control all the noise? The morning after people would be looking at you different.

Have you seen “He was a Quiet Man”?

Well, I could be that guy; and when reporters ask my landlord and lady about my behavior when I used to be  beatsede hiwot the  wife would say “ he was a quiet man; never made a sound…well, actually there was this one time when there was screaming in his room …”; husband says “honey, I think it was two nights….” ; reporter intercedes with an air of mathematical genius  “ so you are saying that when Tibebe was alive you heard him get loud on the average 1.5 times”;  in unison “yes, you can say that”

Lord I don’t want to be that guy who only got to be loud one and a half times!

So I am buying eggs and this kid goes “do you speak Amharic?” Premise: A man who goes up and down gebeya sporting  a backpack and an ecobag full of onions and what not must be a foreigner. I say “ferenj emeslalehu?” He persists with his English: “are you Habesha?”

I really do hope that he was teasing me and people take me for who I really am i.e. an Ethiopian male buying shinkurt. Otherwise, there is no knowing where these misconceptions about my identity could lead up to. There is a thin line between “ Yihes gobez new! Yerasun migb serto yibelal.” and “Yemanew alicha?! Wendoch  yemiwlubet bota ayiwilim ? Esti eyut , gay sayhon aykerim! ”. Next thing rumor spreads and, I would not be going out after dark for fear of having my ass violated.

That would be a great tragedy because:

  1. I am trying to be unkempt to a certain degree and this is the thanks I get?
  2.  One of the reasons I am trying my hand at  cooking  is that I had (read, heard people say, heard on TV/a movie, heard on the radio, had  dreamt  that)??? chicks dig a guy that can cook. And that’s why when I passed by that girl’s side on my way home yesterday, I held my bag up high  like “got tomatoes babe! Would you like to come over? :grin:”

I got ninety nine problems and counting. And all of them seem to be about girls.


88.Gloomy Sunday

Listened to it ; survived it –with flying colors !!

Yippee! I am not suicidal 😀

Truth be told the version I heard was of this female singer whose name I do not know. May be hers is not as potent as the original Hungarian one and that of Billie Holliday. I have got a good mind to listen to both.

I even tried it on a bit gloomy Sunday morning and on a friend: “…this song is reputed to kill those who listen to it. And… I choose you”.

And nothing.

Maybe I was not the right amount of depressed.  And maybe I could not relate to the lyrics –thank God!

Anyway, it goes to show you that it takes more than a song to kill an Ethiopian.

Yay a yay

And before anyone else says it let me say this: poverty, disease or conflict  but not a simple song.


Of the million things that are in demand, why do they sell only lomi and mefakia outside campus?

seriously I was high after watching the game


Before I start… TIYE please forgive me… you know how much I love you….

I sat down infront of the TV after a long day, talking with the my wandering Newyorker was fun and then I saw Lampard running on a football field… I was like ” really”.. so I turned on the volume and started watching the game between AC Milan and Chelsea…. I was so excited I would have loved to have been inside the TV… seriously… and I even scared ETIYE MULUSHEWA and GASHE GEBREIGZIABHER… I was talking to the players as if they could hear me…. ofcourse that would have made the day of Chimbu and Mitiye if they were there because I know they will tease me untill the end of time… haha… you missed your chance….and a good thing ETIYE MULUSHEWA won’t tell ….

It was about three months back when I found out that three of my favourite teams were coming to the US… if I wasnot planning on going to Chicago.. I would have definately gone to BOSTON, to be able to watch them play so up close would have been amazing. I love AC MIlan (Roseneri.. literally means red and black), then Juventus(bianconeri).. amharic translation .AROGITUA), then chelsea then Inter Milan (NerrAzzuri.. literally means black and blue)…..and the funniest part is AC Milan lost the game but I was excited…. even listening to the comentators was fun… the voice of commentators I was used to when watching the game… I mean they werenot Garry Bloom and Peter ( forgot his last name)… but everything was exciting….
It reminded me of my junior and senior years in 4 kilo.. watching games with Nayuye (he says “please scream ” when everybody is watching the game and he covers me up and I scream to confuse everybody, … watching the premier league at Tibe’s house ( Menge, Sol, Papiye, Dinicho,Abush., sometimes Woliye, .. ofcourse..TIYE would not have it. and I am sure he will say a word or two to me for even taggging him on this note…),…( I still miss the kitfo and the fun and everybody against me if chelsea are playing)… champion league games… all the congratulations calls I recieved when the AZZURI won the world cup……( wow I remember that day, my sister actually recorded me when I was jumping up and down and I guess it was then that my dad actually understood the extent of my love for the game )…. football is amazing … I like the fact that there is hope and fear untill the last whistle is heard…..

ANd lastnights game was a high for me… I remembered what Meridith said to mcdreamy after coming out of a surgery…” why do people do drugs, this would have been enough”… ofcourse this is not surgery but for a girl who hasnot seen live football in such a long time, it was amazing to see the players I know play… I would have loved to have seen Joe Cole ( remeber Joye papiye)playing though…. but seeing GINO, NESTA, LAMPARD, TERRY, DROGBA, SHEVA, CHEC, A.COLE, and oh RONALDINHO ( an amazing talent and heart at that)…. I could go on forever….

I really wished Baggio would come out and coach AC Milan though….

I hope I get to see them next year, if they come back to the US….

PS. here is a report of it from ESPN…

seriously I feel lke a football chronicle.. and the dude that just comes up whenever the bajaj story comes about is actually siding with Tiye and is saying..( we get it , but one sentence that just tells us that you got high would have been enough) …. Fine fine… I gotta to stop now and do some reading…

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