83. Por fin, got paid mucho dinero

Yeah I’m rich biyatch !

Well not quite: wanaw yehizb fikir new. And on that front, I think, I am fighting a losing battle. Ok it has only been two classes. But still, I can’t feel too good about myself as a teacher seeing all those students yawning and even sleeping in class. May be I’m putting too much emphasis into impressing than teaching them. Things might improve along the way and I may end up achieving both. The last thing I want to be is just ordinary.  And maybe I should drink red bull before class.

Let me paint a picture of my students for you: you show them an explicit commercial of Viagra (all in the aim of driving home a point) and they act like they are in church. Not a single haa haa or hee hee!

Imagine just how dereq!

I doubt they didn’t get it because a student came up to me after class and told me how he and his peeps liked the whole association thing I was trying to do between the subject matter and pop science.

But all the same, who gives a flying fuck?! You’ve read it-I GOT PAID!

How I wish I could change that P for an L?! You know I was not in it for the money.

7281 birr: that is my a bit abridged two months and a half’’s demoz and my very first official salary for being ‘yetemare sew’.  In 94, I used to be paid 400 birr/month for being a student out of class. Not too shabby for spending very relaxed far in between days in the record office of Birhanih Zare and the garage of Addis Abeba Mengedoch Balesiltan. And there also was the time when I was a stand in teacher and got two hundred something birr.

My current after tax salary is supposed to be around 3037.60 including housing allowance. I make, put a la the salary of football players, 759.40 a week. It is not much given that I am left with less than three years of youth (according to Ethiopian law) and I should be making more in this my prime.

Why am I being paid just now? Don’t get me started on that one!

I am not complaining though. My salary is more than enough for a guy who has no one else to take care of but himself and even that task has not been completely handed over. On top of that, I would like to think of myself as a simple complicated guy whose needs are not too many. And that’s why I have decided to give a big chunk of my salary to charity. The charity of my choice-it is more like a movement- Save the Dicks; its members are members and its motto “Let us Have it !”



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 11:04:38

    LOL Tiye about the classic example


  2. betty
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 11:02:26

    haha papiye… so you got paid huh, well it is about time. I always believed that you would be a great instructor. Do you remember how “Tetemke” used to relate things like for example enzymes with the duties of people who control the internate dating sites; cell membrane with ” yebetemengist atir;” and a capsule with ” kita.” Tiye would have probably enjoyed “Tetemeke’s” class. The point is teaching biochem is a tuff job and if they donot get the sense of humor of it, I do believe biochem isnot for them. What am I saying? what do I know. But I enjoyed what Tetemke has taught me and I believe having you as an instructor of any thing is a great luck.


  3. betty
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 19:01:52

    nice Tiye.. and if you didnot know already I am back… missed you both


  4. getere
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 20:19:23

    good one. so what are you going to do with all that money? you need to save up for our trip 🙂 destination not known yet but just save up. maybe we’ll just rent a car, pack some food, and head in one of the four directions.

    the charity idea was nice. but as i have always said, charity does not really work. they don’t do what they say they’d do. look at you. a classic example.


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