seriously I was high after watching the game


Before I start… TIYE please forgive me… you know how much I love you….

I sat down infront of the TV after a long day, talking with the my wandering Newyorker was fun and then I saw Lampard running on a football field… I was like ” really”.. so I turned on the volume and started watching the game between AC Milan and Chelsea…. I was so excited I would have loved to have been inside the TV… seriously… and I even scared ETIYE MULUSHEWA and GASHE GEBREIGZIABHER… I was talking to the players as if they could hear me…. ofcourse that would have made the day of Chimbu and Mitiye if they were there because I know they will tease me untill the end of time… haha… you missed your chance….and a good thing ETIYE MULUSHEWA won’t tell ….

It was about three months back when I found out that three of my favourite teams were coming to the US… if I wasnot planning on going to Chicago.. I would have definately gone to BOSTON, to be able to watch them play so up close would have been amazing. I love AC MIlan (Roseneri.. literally means red and black), then Juventus(bianconeri).. amharic translation .AROGITUA), then chelsea then Inter Milan (NerrAzzuri.. literally means black and blue)…..and the funniest part is AC Milan lost the game but I was excited…. even listening to the comentators was fun… the voice of commentators I was used to when watching the game… I mean they werenot Garry Bloom and Peter ( forgot his last name)… but everything was exciting….
It reminded me of my junior and senior years in 4 kilo.. watching games with Nayuye (he says “please scream ” when everybody is watching the game and he covers me up and I scream to confuse everybody, … watching the premier league at Tibe’s house ( Menge, Sol, Papiye, Dinicho,Abush., sometimes Woliye, .. ofcourse..TIYE would not have it. and I am sure he will say a word or two to me for even taggging him on this note…),…( I still miss the kitfo and the fun and everybody against me if chelsea are playing)… champion league games… all the congratulations calls I recieved when the AZZURI won the world cup……( wow I remember that day, my sister actually recorded me when I was jumping up and down and I guess it was then that my dad actually understood the extent of my love for the game )…. football is amazing … I like the fact that there is hope and fear untill the last whistle is heard…..

ANd lastnights game was a high for me… I remembered what Meridith said to mcdreamy after coming out of a surgery…” why do people do drugs, this would have been enough”… ofcourse this is not surgery but for a girl who hasnot seen live football in such a long time, it was amazing to see the players I know play… I would have loved to have seen Joe Cole ( remeber Joye papiye)playing though…. but seeing GINO, NESTA, LAMPARD, TERRY, DROGBA, SHEVA, CHEC, A.COLE, and oh RONALDINHO ( an amazing talent and heart at that)…. I could go on forever….

I really wished Baggio would come out and coach AC Milan though….

I hope I get to see them next year, if they come back to the US….

PS. here is a report of it from ESPN…

seriously I feel lke a football chronicle.. and the dude that just comes up whenever the bajaj story comes about is actually siding with Tiye and is saying..( we get it , but one sentence that just tells us that you got high would have been enough) …. Fine fine… I gotta to stop now and do some reading…

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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 01, 2009 @ 17:28:43

    I know, but also the old lady is their nick name… how it came about.. I donot know… so..
    Bianco= white, neri= black, azzuri= blue, rose= red… I think….

    yeah, for a fresh cook pasta is an easy way out…. really papiy… indifferent towards…..hmmmm

    The wandering new yorker …yeah still wandering… I bet Wordsworth will have something to say about him…


  2. Anonymous
    Jul 30, 2009 @ 18:54:17

    ante duriye.. degmo eko nerazzuri malet black and blue new bileh yastemarkegn antew neh…. azzuri means blue my dear….

    The ocmparision with ke miderkew eka gar is very funny… but I agree with you my treshold for excitment is very low… what can I say… ezia minilik yelu bilew yele aleka Gebrehana… well ezih ante yeleh papiye.

    Well too bad for ETO… well I am glad he is going to be under Mourinho… lik new yemiasgebalign…

    GEORGE WEAH….great player…

    Sorry Mourinho or not first I am a ROsenneri fan…


  3. tibebe
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 08:51:39

    all this hoopla about a bunch of italians and a friendly ❗
    i tell you your threshold for excitement is dangerously low. 😦
    your experience could be compared to enjoying yetatebe eka siderk
    and I thought nerazuri meant black and white?
    where is your patriotism? the Italians invaded us you know!


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