88.Gloomy Sunday

Listened to it ; survived it –with flying colors !!

Yippee! I am not suicidal 😀

Truth be told the version I heard was of this female singer whose name I do not know. May be hers is not as potent as the original Hungarian one and that of Billie Holliday. I have got a good mind to listen to both.

I even tried it on a bit gloomy Sunday morning and on a friend: “…this song is reputed to kill those who listen to it. And… I choose you”.

And nothing.

Maybe I was not the right amount of depressed.  And maybe I could not relate to the lyrics –thank God!

Anyway, it goes to show you that it takes more than a song to kill an Ethiopian.

Yay a yay

And before anyone else says it let me say this: poverty, disease or conflict  but not a simple song.


Of the million things that are in demand, why do they sell only lomi and mefakia outside campus?


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