91.10 amet 100 ken

Ten years ago- matric weta . My bro and sis take my bro and I shopping and get me this:


On this watch, I have lived, loved and …loved again…

On the real though, then I was tripping on which department to join and what kind of teachers I was going to meet. Ten years later, I am the teacher taking a picture of his watch on the office desk and parents are happily sending their kids to be edified by truly yours.

You gotta love it 😀

If only they knew! They would have read the riot act to the university.

What I want all parents to know is that their kids are in good hands. And I am doing the best I can. I am doing what I can. I am doing.

Many successful football coaches stank as players. So fret not!

It’s weird, celebrating a watch’s anniversary; it is the one that’s keeping time after all.

Passed the “100 days in Bahir Dar” mark. Still without a stimulus package if you know what I mean.

Here’s an idea:

Emoticons usually stand for a single emotion, right? So how can we show mixed emotions and connotations? Granted we can line ’em up. But I think I have got a much better idea.

So here is the idea

The idea is…

Let’s use forward slashes.


:shock:/ 🙂  = dinigate yazele desta

:?:/ 🙄   = tiyake yazele asteyayet

:evil:/ 😈  = kifatin yazele techemari kifat

❓ /:?:


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