98. ¡Qué lio!

This was supposed to be a time for biochemistry, and not blogging.

I go to class and learn that the students are holding some sort of meeting; cooking up some sort of mutiny. You know -the usual. A student asks me if I could wait for them to finish the meeting. I give him 5 minutes-the amount of time left to the full hour and the beginning of class. His eyes betray that he is not satisfied…

I lose it.

They are a complaining bunch!

I concede that they do not enjoy the best facilities and the best teacher; I am talking about myself here though the meeting was not about me.

And I did not think it was about me when I burst into the class room, door banging and gun blazing. I take the minutes off the table and tell the chairpersons to sit down cuz it is class time and not sibseba time.

All hell breaks loose.

I exchange heated words with some of the students.

They walk out on me.

What the fuck is to be done now?

I KNOW! Go to the library of FBE and lay in the cut. And maybe blog about it. So how about it, Tibebe?  Uh?

A generation spoilt with mebt talk minamin or students really fighting for their mebt?


Sure we too “fought” for “academic freedom” and stuff. But these kids I think are something else. You could even  say that they are molkaka ; and that, after subpar facilities and teacher have been brought into the equation.  

How I wish all of us first fulfilled our responsibilities before venturing into complaining about someone else’s doings ?! Then we would have had the perfect world with no bitching and moaning and whining and

And that includes you too, Tibebe.

Fuck! What the fuck!

One fuck, two fuck, six fuck, sick fuck,  ad infinitum.


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  1. betty
    Oct 11, 2009 @ 14:08:06


    does the mebt mastebk thing work for them… I mean seriously.. you look at what happend to most of my sendafa inmates and I… the worest part was most us didnot know why we were there to begin with.. they should learn from AAu students… mebt minamin.. tell them they should count thier blessings and go on with thier studies…

    Besides no one should bother my Papy… seriously… stop rolling your eyes.. seriously…

    BTW Where has the wandering scottish gone to?


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