I’m shocked – people wanting to increase their height

I’m watching the TV show as I write this and I’m shocked. The doctor just broke this guy’s leg, drilled his bones and inserted some metal. Why? Because the guy thinks he is too short. The process can cost up to 40,000 pounds they say. But what if it is for free? Ah,…. can people wake up!!!

The program talks about how white body shape has become to be accepted as normal, beautiful, associated with success. Eastern Asian women find their breasts to be too flat, black women think they are too big, Asian guys think they are too short. There is one Asian guy talking about how short he thinks he is, how people don’t take him seriously and how it affects his career (hotel management). White people tan their skin, buy Indian hair for expensive prices, …. Ughhh I just saw a breast cut open. They enlarged it for her.

I saw a black woman get her breast content pumped out, an Asian guy got his penis enlarged, an Arab guy got his back flashed out with some electric thingie so it doesn’t grow much hair, and some woman got one of her fingers cut because she thought it was sexy that way. Ok I’m kidding with the last one of course, but what do you know!


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