Raki by Oliver Mtukudzi. When you feel like “going to The Source”.

La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz. “….Ay, don’t cry. Life is a carnival. It’s better to live singing…” I first heard this song in the film Amores perros.

One step at a time realllly meaningful lyrics.

Nothing like trance to get me programming fast. Sunlounger & Zara – Lost.

Awww I probably heard this one ten times when I found it. Remember “Dire”?

I couldn’t find a good Tezeta 😦 Here is Teddy’s Bemela Besebeb

In the closet I tried the move 3:51 to 3:55 a while ago with no luck.

EnquTaTash enkuan tolo meTash

Enkuan aderesachihu!

Today, I want it to be EnquTaTash. Why? People keep on dying (and living too), I am going to die eventually and so, I don’t want to wait for my holidays. I want to have them right here and right now. The crazy thing is that I am not that crazy about holidays. One thing that cannot be denied however, is that, every time a new year begins, I can hardly wait for it to end.

So, as I was saying, I, being human and all, may die before the year is through. But now that I have laid my hand on this song with which I have been in love for so long, I don’t want to die without telling you how much I love the song and sharing it with you .Should I die before the specified time, I want you to remember me whenever you hear the song. I wanted to say “I want you to remember me whenever EnquTaTash comes around” but I didn’t want to spoil your future holidays. Then again, you may not have too many holidays left yourselves.

I love this song. Especially the voice that is heard in the background when she sings the second verse “engiCha gonguñe … then the sound … adey kesorit…” (2:36/37)

Melkam addis amet for all Etiopians (dead and alive)

And should I feel like having another EnquTaTash, I am going to do it again and again and …


Note to self: you know, you could have just posted the damn song.

Answer to self: who asked for your opinion?

Becoming a better cyclist

Yea! Today I cycled from my place to the library. It took me about 15 minutes. Even more importantly, I cycled without taking any break. I’m now getting more confident at cycling in front of big buses. After a while it’s going to be goodbye Lothian Buses (one of the major Bus operators in Edinburgh). Maybe not goodbye all in all, but I plan to stop buying monthly passes sometime in summer.

These days I spend my time chilling out at Ethiopian Ministry of Health website and reading stuff like Health Sector Development Program Review. I think it’s great that each ministry has it’s own website. ETC keeps a useful list of government websites. The Ministry of Justice used to have a very impressive website with a database of cases. It seems to be down though, as some other government websites. Our leather sector elico has got a cool one. My hands were freezing when I was cycling so good opportunity to buy gloves! They have golf gloves. I just asked them if they have ordinary ones.


Now I know how my students must be feeling  like.

I never wanted to be department head (course manager these days). I am ineffective as a simple teacher. Taking on further responsibilities would be insensible. There used to be three of us in the department.  But now it is just us two – a general practitioner and I. I guess that makes me the more eligible one to assume the post of course manager. Should my colleague go for his residency, I would be the department. Then I would be extra careful while crossing the streets so that the department won’t get hit by a bajaj. An Italian female Ph.D. and Etyopian M.Sc.’s could be joining us soon. I hope the doctor is hot; and a good teacher too. 🙂

So currently, I am covering for the erstwhile head of the department.

That means I have to go to meetings.

And that was what I did this morning.

They said it would start at 2 but the presenters came into the hall at 3 and meeting ended at 5:30. They talked and talked about program budget and I stared and stared at them. A few people attended the meeting and I was on the second row. The second guy must have thought I was following him attentively; Naaa! It was just the caffeine making me pseudo alert. And what I got  from the first guy’s presentation  was that he looked like Homer Simpson with a hint of Debebe Eshetu.

They told us that there would be questions and answers at the end. I had one: “can we go now?” But seriously  I had managed to formulate one general question and another one based on my recent experience as a member of the distinguished purchase committee. None of my questions would see the light of day. I did not see the use. They would not have come out right anyway;  I suck in these sorts of situations.

But I tried. I tried to follow the guys and take in the import of it all. I tried to really listen for the sake of the presenters who could have been me lecturing in class. But I couldn’t. Like teacher like student.


Coffee + boring meeting = serious hypoglycemia. Trust me; I know.

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