I thought this would be a big blog but not really. Hogmanay was fun though (it’s new year eve celebration). Takes place every year (duh) but it took me three years to go to it. Great music from the DJs and bands (some of the British rock songs I didn’t like). Tip for next year:

1. Find out in advance what bands/DJs there are and decide which one you’d want to listen to.

2. If your friends don’t want to change location, threaten to leave them.

3. Buy gloves. I didn’t feel like taking pictures because my hands were freezing and my fingers were not responsive enough.

4. Make a train while moving. It’s hard to communicate over the phone.

Speaking of phones, I broke my iPhone recently. I dropped it and the screen went all white. So I went to Carphonewarehouse and asked for the cheapest phone they got.

They gave me a an LG phone for £15. The phone itself costs £5 but it was compulsory to top it up, minimum top up being £10. Now how does this phone compare with the iPhone? First thing I noticed is it’s very light, so light that I keep checking my pocket if it’s still inside. The iPhone is a bit bulky that I used to feel it all the time. It shuts down in about five seconds and boots in about 10 seconds. My iPhone probably took five times as much, specially when booting. But something I miss about the iPhone (besides all the applications) is the touch screen. I don’t have to map a choice I see on the screen to a button. I can directly press stuff on the screen to make things happen. I’ve sent my phone to my insurance. I’m hoping they send me an iPhone 3Gs (it supports video – I have an older one). But for that to happen 1. they’d have to try very hard to fix it and fail and 2. they should run out of 3G phones in stock. 1 might happen but 2 is very unlikely. I also found out that my insurance is Citymain which is a big insurance company. They probably have good experience in minimizing their cost and taking the most out of customers. Ughhh.

Does anyone know how to lock the keypad of an LG phone?

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