Facebook entry to Tsinat turned post.. down memory lane and some “Turdus olivaceus”

It was one of those days that I was feeling lonely…
you mean everyday….
oh shut up…….
hey papiy.. your alter ego or who ever he is… is  crashing into my thoughts today…… 
so where was I …and then Tsinat posts this lovely note on my face book… so I started to write him this on face book and then turned it into the journal entry…
So I write to Tsinat…..you know you are my knight in shining (pretty much everything)…. you always know what to say to make my days … P.S I will never forget Langano…thanks for wiping my tear and… killing mice with me…and many more of those unforgatable moments… I will always remember the lesson of not meddling with nature when we encounterd a grasshopper trapped in a spider’s web while running around the bushes in Awash National Park… ohh… do you remember the liquor in the tea… I could go on and on..at this point I decided to change it into a journal entry…
….I always consider my self one of the lucky few….why?… because I am surrounded by friends who are always there… I remember meeting Tiye for the first time… he was sitting with Jonny under a tree..(now that I think about it..that should have creeped me out..I mean what is up with studying under a tree… and getting all A’s at that.. just kidding… this is just  the jealous me talking because I didnot get all A’s)… anyway… I never thought that we would end up being this close….I loved hunging out with  you at ” Acapulco” (I wonder who came up with that)…I could go on and on… but more than that… you have given me a shoulder to cry on.. you have become my outlet when I am angry or happy or… whatever mood I am in…and this strange way to tell me like it is and calm me down….
and papy.. honey you are my gift from GOD… I should thank Feysel for his obsession with you……You have made my days bright.. I love your advices.. I love the way you make me see different ways out of an impossible situation and that you always have time for my temper tantrums, crying and whining…. I am glad that GOD decided to give you to me….
And now when we get back to the down memory lane thing… … the now conservationist me is saying…” why were you doing that project?.. killing mice doesnot suit you?.. and it cannot be biocontrol because the mice were not causing any problem except a lot of Nitrouse oxide that filled up the area …( which by the way  other people considered as stink but Tsinat and I considered as nothing .. well we didnot have a choice in that matter)..
.. I had my reasons.though…. well one thing ” Prof Beyu”;
another I had promised myself I that I will do a 4th yr project… it became more interesting when I had Tsi to work with though;
another reason is the idea of finding a remedy for “tryps” sounded very intelligent and the knowledge seeking me found it  more interesting  than looking for  “Turdus olivaceus”  or aka ” olive thrush” all over 4kilo campus
.. … oh wait.. I had done that.. didnot I?…Yeah with ” Dr. Solomon”…I loved listening to that guy… he has this magical way of talking about animal behavior that it actually made me wait at the teacher’s lounge to sit down next to him when he is eating lunch  and hear about his many adventures  (I guess that would have added to my wierdness if people had known…some knew though and just loved me for it)…
…and he is handsome too… well that was pointed out to me by one of the ladies who used to help clean the ladies dorm… we called her ” emama”… we were on one of our ” olive thrush” seeking adventures.. and when I got back ..she said..” oh I saw you walking with your father, he is very handsome..and “… I wait , wait and nothing…thank you emama.. for pointing out to me that I am not beautiful…..I am just kidding I didnot say that to her….
…. that day’s events were interesting, ..first we run into profesor Z.. who said … ” I havenot seen an olive trush”.. Dr. Sol..then says,…” oh well, are you sure?.. if you are just saying that without being sure.. you are in trouble”… I wanted to laugh but Dr. Sol seemed serious so I stopped my self….. so we leave and start looking… and after three or four steps..we look back and Prof Z. was behind us.. it seemed he took Dr. Sol’s words seriously and decided to help hunt for an Olive thrush….I think I slipped a..” heemm..”…
.. any way …we looked and looked and only “seed eaters” were found… that is when I learned that Dr. Sol was serious about all this.. he was dissappointed that there were no olive thrushes  … apparently they used to roam around 4kilo… but because of all the construction going on.. they  have dissapeared…. then when we were ready to give up, we found one ….to this day.. encountering an olive thrush excites me..
Go to fullsize image
but Dr, sol had this crazy idea to torture students .. he loved messing with Fanta… I remember one time she was done with her exam and was leaving.. he calls her name .. he was standing at the far end of the class.. it was in one of the B-complex classes.. and when she got up to him after walking up all the steps.. he askes… ” how the  exam was ?”.. she really was mad at him….; you will never know when he is walking behind you and he had caught Fanta talking about him twice… and responding..” min alsh?”
…well I laugh because I have always been his favourite…or atleast l I would like to think so…
Done with memory lane… I miss you guys…. Emmmuaaaaaa your way….

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Jan 21, 2010 @ 04:09:00

    Hey papiye.. tsinat is in michigan doing masters in biomedicine…

    the ligour in the tea goes like this.. we were drinking shai, that is Prof. Afe, tsinat and I were drinking tea, then I decided to put some water on the tea so I asked tsinat to give me his bottle of water. When I did that PRof. Afe told me to pour some on his tea as well.. when we drank it.. it tasted like areqe; I was shocked and spit the tea out. You know how cool Prof. Afe is, he said.. oh it is ok donot worry about me…I wanted to hide, Tsinat was shocked and speechless. And Prof, Afe said.. it is ok… i know it is not you guys. I still wonder how those kids got Areqe… I mean in the middle of Awash national park..

    yeah Papiye.. I owe it all to Feyu…

    when did Tsinat collide with Prof Z?..
    gossip gossip please.. wink wink

    why are we losing mr. all A’s?.. what are you cooking up there in BD?

    I have yet to check out DFMO.

    Ere licho.. nice papiye


  2. tibebe
    Jan 18, 2010 @ 15:30:41

    i mean tsinat is nice and all, and i wonder what he has been upto … but for me, the crux of the first paragraph had been “the liquor in the tea”. ay enante sekaramoch 😉

    I do not know if I have ever disclosed this but I began to know Tilish when we both presented Amharic poems for a competition in grade ten (I think). His poem sucked to high heavens! And he got the suckey award (just like the razzies). And don’t think for a nano second that I could not have gotten straight A’s because I could have. It is just that I didn’t.

    Feysel was obsessed with me?! Well, I do not know how to respond to that. By all means, let us keep on talking about how great I am 😀 But let’s not give people the wrong idea here.

    I do not understand why you are so worried about the disappearance of olive trushes from arat kilo. we used to be abundant around the said place and look at us now 💡 and you are worried about a damn bird 😡

    saw dr sol with his daughter (oh my) btw. I would consider myself very lucky if I could get with both of his daughters 😉

    and are you talking about the day that tsinat collided with the paunch of prof z 🙂

    now let us crank it up a notch so that we could lose mr all A’s. as will be evident shortly, you don’t know everything. I am still jealous as hell of those A’s though

    betty, have you read about DFMO and the role it plays in treating trypanosomiasis?

    let us talk about the remaining twenty five letters


  3. betty
    Jan 17, 2010 @ 12:49:17

    .. Tiye…lol


  4. getere
    Jan 17, 2010 @ 11:23:10

    papy honey you are my gift too.


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