Now I know how my students must be feeling  like.

I never wanted to be department head (course manager these days). I am ineffective as a simple teacher. Taking on further responsibilities would be insensible. There used to be three of us in the department.  But now it is just us two – a general practitioner and I. I guess that makes me the more eligible one to assume the post of course manager. Should my colleague go for his residency, I would be the department. Then I would be extra careful while crossing the streets so that the department won’t get hit by a bajaj. An Italian female Ph.D. and Etyopian M.Sc.’s could be joining us soon. I hope the doctor is hot; and a good teacher too. 🙂

So currently, I am covering for the erstwhile head of the department.

That means I have to go to meetings.

And that was what I did this morning.

They said it would start at 2 but the presenters came into the hall at 3 and meeting ended at 5:30. They talked and talked about program budget and I stared and stared at them. A few people attended the meeting and I was on the second row. The second guy must have thought I was following him attentively; Naaa! It was just the caffeine making me pseudo alert. And what I got  from the first guy’s presentation  was that he looked like Homer Simpson with a hint of Debebe Eshetu.

They told us that there would be questions and answers at the end. I had one: “can we go now?” But seriously  I had managed to formulate one general question and another one based on my recent experience as a member of the distinguished purchase committee. None of my questions would see the light of day. I did not see the use. They would not have come out right anyway;  I suck in these sorts of situations.

But I tried. I tried to follow the guys and take in the import of it all. I tried to really listen for the sake of the presenters who could have been me lecturing in class. But I couldn’t. Like teacher like student.


Coffee + boring meeting = serious hypoglycemia. Trust me; I know.


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  1. getere
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 09:39:26

    Keep a minute. Don’t let people go like “esun esti kes bilen enayalen”, “behuwala eninegageralen”, “awo esti endeza aynet neger yimoker”, “enenja esti”, “entin neger enaregewalen”.

    Dr. Araya from Science Faculty at AAU has done a lot in this respect. He has brought the tradition of keeping minutes and following up matter regularly. As it is the case in our society people have criticized him for doing this as being too formal. But I think the faculty is lucky to have him as a dean.


    • tibebe
      Jan 25, 2010 @ 14:55:03

      i asked the heavens for mating not meeting.

      i hate meetings.

      fuck meetings however effective they maybe!

      thanks man! will check your e mail.


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