EnquTaTash enkuan tolo meTash

Enkuan aderesachihu!

Today, I want it to be EnquTaTash. Why? People keep on dying (and living too), I am going to die eventually and so, I don’t want to wait for my holidays. I want to have them right here and right now. The crazy thing is that I am not that crazy about holidays. One thing that cannot be denied however, is that, every time a new year begins, I can hardly wait for it to end.

So, as I was saying, I, being human and all, may die before the year is through. But now that I have laid my hand on this song with which I have been in love for so long, I don’t want to die without telling you how much I love the song and sharing it with you .Should I die before the specified time, I want you to remember me whenever you hear the song. I wanted to say “I want you to remember me whenever EnquTaTash comes around” but I didn’t want to spoil your future holidays. Then again, you may not have too many holidays left yourselves.

I love this song. Especially the voice that is heard in the background when she sings the second verse “engiCha gonguñe … then the sound … adey kesorit…” (2:36/37)

Melkam addis amet for all Etiopians (dead and alive)

And should I feel like having another EnquTaTash, I am going to do it again and again and …


Note to self: you know, you could have just posted the damn song.

Answer to self: who asked for your opinion?


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  1. getere
    Jan 29, 2010 @ 21:40:23

    God be with the families of the travelers in the Ethiopian airplane accident.

    That song, it reminds me of Kera. To be specific, Gofa. When it got released all “sukoch” and “mesheta betoch” were playing it. I think the pictures are awesome. They are all well taken. Probably a professional or a passionate amateur. Oh wait a second, I saw “getty images” on one of them. No label on the others though 🙂 I like the little kid at 1:40, the shepherd and his flock at 2:18, the kid with a curly hair at 4:50, the girl with adey abeba at 5:45…. These are the kind of pictures and songs we need! Not “tifrua betam yamir neber min yaregal tekoretechiwuna meliso aladg ale gin behuwala lik kes eyale madeg sijemir dv deresatina liben serkaw america hedech”. Self: Errrr but there isn’t such a song. Self: who asked for your opinion? minjar!

    This is a recently started project to make nice African pictures accessible http://africaknows.com/mu/.

    So what’s up with this dying-living-remember-me talk? I thought we each had our share of genres to write about? I think this post can be filed under Beth’s posts? Seriously though. This is the first time that I had to read a good bunch of the post to know who wrote this.

    This calls for a post from me, a post full of nice songs (at least for my taste). Coming shortly.


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