Probably the only (I should call it company) that asks you to pay £1.2 a minute to speak to them over the phone. And that’s not all, even if you are in a queue waiting to be served, you still get the benefit of paying £1.2 a minute, for listening to the world’s most expensive music piece while you wait. It gets even better. You listen to their instructions and press the buttons they tell you to, paying them for it all along, and when you reach the point of being added to the queue you may be told to call again because they are overloaded.

The Chinese Embassy charges UK and US citizens a higher rate for visa applications. Now I don’t believe in throwing stones back and I don’t think this counts as one. Their citizens are spending too much for visa applications and it makes perfect sense to treat these citizens just as the way their country treats their citizens.

I look forward to the time when people are no longer grouped by idiotic attributes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Feb 06, 2010 @ 00:48:44

    well,you cannot blame him for thinking that can you? I mean they have monopolized the close industry back home by making the relative price cheap.

    but I got a question for you Tiye ? Are you planning to visit the Great Wall or something?


  2. tibebe
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 14:07:23

    surely you can’t expect all things chinese to come cheap.


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