They just won’t let you kid around

Yesterday was qibela. Most Christian cattle and poultry are going to get a well-deserved respite from mindless slaughter. How cruel can humans get?

I know Tilish is happy like “bravo! Now you see the light! stand up f or their right” and all that

Not quite, hombre!

I think we should kill all kinds of animals and consume their products in all kinds of weather-fasting seasons included. The only time I may have qualms about eating meat would be gena. I mean think about it. Our Lord gets born in a manger, cattle warm him with their breath and we repay their service by killing them to celebrate the occasion?!  They get to have a photo op with Jesus and an impatient butcher would be waiting for them outside the crib. So, no sheep, oxen or horses for gena. But I think there are no hens in the nativity scene.

I believe that migb betoch should offer high quality yefisk migb and yeTSom beyaynet all through the year. Amen!

So yesterday I take some cake to my friend’s house, and they say “ay yante neger! yihe degmo mindin new?” (I am nice like that :smile:) I joke, “It is my birthday” not expecting for a second that they would take me seriously. I hang out for a while and go back home. Sometime later my friend comes and tells me that preparations for my birthday are in full swing. I tell him that I was kidding and that we must inform the concerned parties immediately. He tells me that I should play along for there is nothing to be gained now by being Mr. Truthful and I may even get to hurt some feelings. I acquiesce and get my Aquarius on (good grief 😮 ), get to shamelessly accept a flower from the youngest of the family,

make a speech on the importance of the day, have dinner, and the icing on the cake – drink wine for the first time in written history ( I know, I know, Betty: the drinking is getting outta control 😥  the day before yesterday also, there was a TSebil TSadik for yeametu Beale Egziabher). But not before an intensified search for a corkscrew has been undertaken. Shish! That was a tense moment. I was afraid it was a sign that someone up there was not going to let my lies slide. But it passed, and the only bad thing, if you can call it that, to happen was last night’s dreams all had a tinge of red in them.

A few posts back I celebrated my enquTaTash and now my lidet. Now, I may be wrong; but I have got this sneaking suspicion that it has been decided that I would be dead before Ginbot. Place your bets.


LOSER UPDATE: I have been seeing this girl. You know, not see as in date but see as in when light strikes an object, carries an inverted image through the lens to the retina and finally the brain corrects and registers the image as the latest object of your affection and your mouth, not so loud, registers it as “Damn! She is hot!”  You know, that kind of seeing. And maybe I will do something about it this time. I am not going to second-guess myself and I urge you not to do the same.

Thank you.

You have been a smashing audience.


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  1. getere
    Feb 08, 2010 @ 21:26:54

    can i take your used cloth? maybe you can send them to me in miazia from your death bed? who would take me seriously if i go to kebele or fird bet and say “yemir, blogu lay eshi bilogn neber”.


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