Aha..oh..ok..hmm moments

Well this year it was decided that we are going to have lots of snow. Love it or hate it, it is beautiful to look at: some areas actually make me wish I have a camera with me to capture the moment and the scenery. But driving on it is another story, there is always a possibility of a car that you are driving waltzing to the music of  Sinatra, all I know is I am protected by the grace of GOd.

I still had my problems though, my car key holes freez sometime and actually one night I was leaving form work and the door wouldnot open. I was lucky I had someone to help me,  then the ignition won’t start and to make it worse the key decided to get stuck there. I wanted to cry and break the car, I prayed but I was doing so in a very  harsh tone and I guess GOD needed me to calm down because nothing Alex ( my bro’s brother in-law) and I were doing including Antropomorphizing.. (  yeah …telling  my car to be a nice car and start, oh shush your pie hole you two…all of us are doing it, hey Tiye didnot you ever talk to your computers or your guitars?.. and you papy, haven’t I cought you talking to your little bag? ( hey I just remembered it used to look like ” ye menteko” bag) )  any way where was I ?.. oh yeah all was to no avail. So we left the car at my work place and got home after midnight. But thanks to the grace of GOD, I was able to have the car start the next day.

 So moving on, I have never questioned my ability to speak or write english,  I mean  I know in my heart that I have a long way to go to be perfect but never saw myself as an english as a second language person or student. I remember my first english class here, the instructor (“Mr. J”) just assumed that I donot know any english because I was let into his class without having to take the entrance exam ( I took the toefl , A’ced it and I was exempted from taking  the entrance exam because I  was older than 21;  see being older has its perks), ..  actually Mr. J’s  his exact words were..”  You  need to to take the ESL classes because it will help you; if you stay in my  class, it is going to be hard for you. Since you have never read big books in written in  English, it will be hard for you in this class”… It felt like a sledge hammer hitting my  head with so much prejudice, and I wanted to cry. I knew that I had to do something and the words that echoed through my ears were my brother’s “.. know that you are better than everybody else.” So before “Mr. J”  finished , I stopped and repeated what he said ” you have never read books in English?.. I have a degree in biology, I read books in English  ( in my head I was also saying… dude Biology is hard core English and Spanish)” That stopped him and he apologized saying that he didnot know. But that was not to be the end because Mr. J took it upon himself to prove me wrong, he graded my papers harsher than everybody else’s, he spends a lot of time with me trying to correct every mistake that he has found reading every word I had written. I was mad at him for that whole quarter but now that I think about it it made me work hard to avoid mistakes and be better. Then came the worset microbiology instructor ever, Micro is something that I loved and there she was trying to take that away. I never realized her problem untill the other students who are from ” the mother land” started complaining. It just hit me then, she comes and laughes or stares at what I am doing , the nervous me never handled that well and lab exams felt like a big boulder or something close. I hated that class mainly because all my confidence in what I knew about micro just left me. So then I decided to take upper level classes given to grad students as well as undergrads. Thank GOD I did that, Prof Alfonso  and Dr. Rapplye made me love micro more than I ever thought was possible, more than that, I got my groove back… yeeeeye……why did I revisit all this? Because a recent encounter with another instructor and the fact that I read “RADON” in the way that I learned in Ethiopia served me up with a rolling eye and a look of confusion. I prayed and worked hard then, it is time to revisit that thought and do better.

I am loving the new words Nahom is coming up with these days. there is the ” I rest my case,” and others … so yesterday  Emanuel goes ” there is this girl that calls me stinky,”

we have heard this before and since the teachers arenot doing anything about it, Tsiye decided that he should respond back they way people respond to him.

So this time Tsiye says ” … and what did you say to her?”

Emanuel: ” nothing, I just told the teacher”

Nahome was listening through this all and decides to give some brotherly advice once he realized what Tsiye was going for….

Nahome”.. ” you know Emanuel, what do you say when people come at you with a taekwando kick and a ” Iya”?”

Emanuel : ” I say ” Iya” back and Kick”

then Nahome says: ” Exactly”……and laughes….

None of realized what he was talking about untill he says  again ” you see?  exactly”…

I am always amazed by the things Nahome comes up with, I mean finding a metaphore in this situation. especialy  for a four year old is amazing… and of course we cannot live a water hose open and running, since Nahome will be shouting back..” you are wasting water”…

NOTE TO SELF for the rest of your life or something like that : donot be a lost memory in a line of dreams and donot .. I repeat donot try to figure anyone out and  donot try to change them,  just accept them for who they are and move on.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. betty
    Feb 17, 2010 @ 17:35:41

    I guess you can say that Mr. J would be right if he hadnot assumed that I have never read any English books. It is true that we never read novels and such in our school systems back home, but I read novels for leisure, does that mean that I now and understand every word?.. hell no, but I look it up. And the same with the readings in Mr. J’s class, we had to read a litrature or a poem and figure it out and the things we didnot understand, we looked up in the resources that are available.

    For the most part the problem we have here is different from yours Tiye, they think we know nothing, and in order for people to give you attention, you have to show them your work… so basically, let your work speak for you is the motto we have to follow.

    If people assumed that I knew stuff and in reality I didnot, that definately will drive me crazy that I didnot know about it: I mean if it was something that I absolutely need to know for the things that I do everyday. BUt the scottish writer is another thing…I mean I was born and raised in Ethiopia, do I know everything that is in Ethiopia?… NO…. and I am sure you will find Scottish people there that may not know the writer the dude was talking about. So in his part all I can say is… that is very ignorant of him.


  2. tilish
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 21:53:14

    Isn’t Mr J right? He knows that you’re not American so it’s less likely that you have read big English books. If what he means is any big book then I agree, that is insulting. But he is talking about English books. Here I wish people stop assuming I know all sorts of things about the UK. Off the top of my head, I was once chatting with someone from work. He mentioned some popular Scottish writer and he got surprised when I went blank about it. He said his name again and waited for the “Oh ya” moment from me. But that didn’t happen. I repeated to him that I don’t know who that guy was. So he tracked back to explain the writer. “What????” was what my office mate said when I saw a video of the Beetles and asked who they were. He repeated the “What?????” after he told me who they were and I asked if they were alive. What’s up with that? I am Ethiopian. I wish I knew all the things you think are important but I don’t. Just like you have no idea what the following group of letters are: Aster Aweke, Meles Zenawi, Ertale. Minjar! Off to you Beth…


  3. tibebe
    Feb 16, 2010 @ 13:19:52

    i think mr j has a crush on you. that is why he is acting so,…, what the icelandic call …and whose rough translation into english would be a prick.

    my menteko bag as you call it was 36 birr worth of pure gold. how i miss it 😦 we did stuff together.

    tell nahom to grow up slow. he will die quick otherwise.

    met yourself this afternoon and it tells me that it is confused about the note you left it.


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