and the remices:

  • In Ba Da, fithat is held on the streets. I am not sure if it is carried out in addition to the traditional yebet wisT fithat or if it is a replacement. One bright morning last week, our bajaj passed through two such events. I thought about taking pictures in case you did not believe me. But it would have been in bad taste if I did that and moreover, the pictures I usually take are not that good as is evidenced by the picture below:

That is my soy sauce (say hi). I am finally beginning to figure out which kinds of food it works best with (instead of daring/tricking everyone into having a taste and exclaiming how salty it is). Soooooo, like I said, that is my soy sauce. What about it? Let’s have a closer look:

Okay, I know you cannot see the fine print so let me read it for you. Under ingredients it has: extract of soy beans, wheat flour, salt and etc. ETC! So when you buy this stuff, it is understood that it may contain whatever and should one die having consumed it, one’s relatives could not bring up charges on the manufacturer because the manufacturer had already told the deceased (may he/she rest in peace) that the product could contain anything – and I mean anything ranging from nuclear to industrial to agricultural wastes.

Lower on the label it says consume before and then no date. I am not sweating that too much though, because the idea is the product is best before so and so month and year, right? And that is a long way before turning worst; I mean we have better, good, bad, and worse. I am not going to balk at something because it is better or good. And if it is bad, I would not want to push my luck because it could get worse. And if it worse,… you know where I am going with this

  • I have a packet of salt with the name woff and the picture of a butterfly ❓
  • saw this commercial on TV where some brat is playing video games with his brat pal, the visiting  brat spills something on the clothes of  the resident brat, and he goes to his mom who is washing clothes outside and shows her the clothes and she adds them to the pile with 60 watts of smile on her face.


Don’t you hate the kinds of soap commercials that seem to imply that learning could be achieved only through dirtying yourself in the process? Okay, that may be so. But tell me which mother would take lightly the case of a child who has dirtied his clothes – which by the way she may have washed the day before – doing this and that “educational” shit? For all we know, the mother in the commercial was thinking to herself “meche yihen libs cherishe woT mesrat bejemerku” before her son pops up to wreck the day. That ain’t nothing to smile about. In fact that just may be the last straw on the mother and she is more likely to stop the washing and break down and cry.

And I hate to see mothers cry.

Here are two scenarios which I think would be more real

one – kid comes and shows his mother the clothes and she slaps him on the face giving out sparks. And the voice over would go “spark:  for justified washing”. The mother would now have real smiles on her face all the while threatening her son – which she now has by the ear – “endalchemirilih!”

two – kid comes and shows his mother the clothes and she takes him by the head gives him a nice dip in the safa. Deep is dope!


Remember those nights when you had to stay up late cramming while the rest of the family is sound asleep, and feeling like the most unfortunate person in the world? Well, I do. Putting this situation in terms of bigger matters, there are people in dire straits while I am feeling fine or even rotten by my own standards.

I try to keep my prayers simple and focused on the basics. And more often than not, I forget the basics are others.

So here is a sort of resolution. From now on, at any given time of the day, should I be in the prayer mode, I will try to ask the Lord to remember people who happen to be struggling, whoever they may be and wherever they may be on the planet earth at that moment.


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  1. Wegesha
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 05:27:07

    The “etc” part on the label is very funny. I don’t think the makers themselves know what’s in it so they figured it would be a safe bet to put etc at the end. You have to admit that’s a smart move and I believe they got it from hot dog producers who comfortably tell their customers that their product contains meat and other animal parts. The latter part left for the imagination, I suppose.
    I’m also not sure if soy sauce needs an expiration date since I don’t think it spoils. I mean, what bacteria would survive that kind of salt concentration. U guys seem to know more about that than I do so I will leave the explanation up to u guys. Once u r done figuring out which isomer form the famous tilish exists, then u can focus on which soy sauce tastes better – the cis or the all-trans configuration.
    U know, for the longest time I thought there were 4 basic tastes; salt, sweet, sour and bitter then came the day I tried soy sauce for the first time about 17 years ago. I spit that shit out and said what the f— is this? That is how I discovered the other basic taste; unami (or something close to that). It was the taste of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Then a few years later MSG was found to not be the great food preservative it was once thought to be and was removed from a lot of products. Thanks to that I can now eat soy sauce


    • tibebe
      Mar 09, 2010 @ 14:03:50

      i hate to think what it must have tasted like in the MSG days.


    • getere
      Mar 09, 2010 @ 22:17:15

      i wasn’t given a chance to enjoy soy sauce. i blame my old chinese flatmates. i didn’t know soy sauce even existed before i got suddenly exposed to a large concentration of it. soy sauce was everywhere. the kitchen cabinets, the tables, cooker, the sink,… min libelachu, if you were eating in our kitchen you didn’t have to put the sauce on your meal. and our Hindu indian flatmate would see beef and say “ughhhhh how can you eat that, look at it!!”. he would even avoid the kitchen if beef is being cooked. some knives he wouldn’t touch.

      i like “wegesha”. minjar!


  2. tibebe
    Feb 24, 2010 @ 07:52:04

    the soy sauce is chinese. i mean the chinese made it.


  3. tilish
    Feb 23, 2010 @ 21:56:40

    Ok I’m on a train and laughing loud. The guy sitting next to me just had a long conversation with his girlfriend (he was suggesting they talk about it while his girlfriend was not agreeing much…odd for guys to suggest talking and girls to refuse) anyhow, the guy is staring on my screen hoping to see what I’m reading. Poor guy. He should have been single like me and have good friends.

    ETC! That’s crazy! It sounds like insurance companies. They try to maximize the number of cases where they’re not required to cover a damage. When they get tired of listing all possibilities they put nine more spaces at the beginning of the list and add the word “including”.

    That made sense alright. Also shadows on the left in the first picture. So the light is on the right side. Middle shows light from top. Third light from the left. Pictures taken from different directions. Tibe sees things from different perspectives or maybe he’s simply dumb. Me too maybe (bichahin kir endaylih).


  4. betty
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 15:51:39

    chile, mitmita… you should have tried to make a B in the middle..


    • tibebe
      Feb 23, 2010 @ 12:49:36

      your wish is my command 🙂

      in putting only two t’s, my intention was not to represent tilish and i. i was just trying to show the d and l isomers of tilish.

      and if you look at the b carefully you would see that all of the little stalks of the qaryas are pointing outward indicating that you are an outgoing individual. the t’s on the other hand don’t have another option than their stalks pointing out.

      hope that made sense.


      • betty
        Feb 23, 2010 @ 23:57:01

        etc?… seriously, I am laughing and at the same time thinking, are these people for real? I mean do they think those people who first of all are open to idea of using a soy sauce donot read ingredients? I appreciate the idea of taking industrial microbiology to the next level in Ethiopia, but really stupid marketing people, it is almost as if they have watched [anderson cooper’s episode on 360 about banned chemicals being found everywhere… that was an interesting show, they even tasted him and found a chemical that was banned in the 70’s on his skin…]… and decided to throw the product out.

        I agree about the soap commercial, but you should see U.S. commercials, it is hard to believe how much lie they come up with.

        D and I isomers of Tilish?.. well I guess this answers the question of you trying to see different perspectives… and I am the dumb one for thinking that I was left alone. But having many possibilities is an awesome feeling, thanks.


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