First week of March

It has always been Wusibsib  for me to try to figure out guys  and even more so now. I was thinking of that when Sheryl Underwood was talking about why women lose their guys. She said to blame it on ourselves because they have only one reason for leaving us hanging on. That is another story for another time.I have never been to a stand up comedy events before and this was a first ( well not counting the Shadow box event.. but that was more like a cluster of mini performances).

So Sheryl Underwood, she is an interesting performer although at some point I wanted to sleep or walk out because she kept talking about newer yehone stuff and it kind of made me uncomfortable. I have passed by FUNNY BONE plenty of times but never even considered attending their stand up comedy shows. The five of us ended up there in a very strange turn of events.

The three of us  first met up with Wegesha ( cannot use his real name here.. so I had to use ye bier simun) at a Starbucks on High street.  we sat down for a coffee and started playing this game of not mixing any english in any of  our conversations for 15 minutes and those who lose will end up picking the tab for our dinner that night.  I remembered you Papy because  you always corrected me when I mix Amharic and English. Wegesha shamed me when I said Ye Dem Tibo instead of Ye Dem Sir (wow, really betty?  was what I was left to say to my self.) We all lost, Except Wegesha of course who untill the last two minutes wasn’t making mistakes.

Then we met up with Lege ( I wish he had ye bier sim or yebet sim any way he is Wegesha’s friend) and ate dinner at LUNA ( kudos to the cook about the shiro), then off to the jazz club down town. We get there and it is closed, then off to Burgundy wine place. We realized this was a mistake because high street as always was crowded with people. so the last option was off to Easton. We get to Easton and  decided on the Funny Bone.People were hovering around the area, we asked if we could get tickets and they told us the event was sold out and that we can be on the waiting list  and see if people donot show up. We were told to come back at 11.00Pm, So we went to Cup Ojo’s ( the bar side) and for the first time I had a club soda ( zim belu huletachihum, I know it is mineral water  but can’t a girl get excited Club soda?) so any way we finally came back and after standing for a few minutes, we were told they have seats available to us and we got in.

So Sheryl Underwood, she is funny. I always had a hard time understanding stand up comedies, I laugh at Chris Rock’s comedies  just because he actually makes funny noises and faces. But Sheryl was actually easy to understand. I think for most of us foreigners, we need to have grown up here to understand most of the jokes, but when the subject is mostly the human sexuality, we all know and understand it; well some understand it better than the rest of us, I will not be naming any one here.  I liked most of her jokes, but some of it betam tenzaza and I was looking for a way out. It would have been nice had Wegesha mentioned about a condition called Cepahalgia Orgasmica to her, she would have found a way to twist something up with that.

Ok, may be her jokes were good but my mind was stuck on a phone call I got that afternoon and I was actually using my abdominal muscles to breath.  And if I could, I would have flown to Rome and whisper in his ears what my thoughts are, but I am no billionaire or Angel. So I resorted to  inducing Respiratory Alkalosis, which I am glad I never got to accomplish. They say stress is bad for you, but decisions that you are not even sure about to begin with are hard and I was stressing my self. I have prayed now and all is better and within the coming weeks it will get even more better.

The week in Maryland was awesome, my girlfriends from highschool were amazing company. It has been a while since I enjoyed days and nights. And his highness’s presence made it magical untill we both flew to our respective destinations. I never got to see much of the city, but hopefully I get to do that sometime in August ende igziabher fekad.



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  1. getere
    Mar 09, 2010 @ 22:00:57

    ha ha. you guys are funny. it’s funny how you reached to negasi 😀


  2. betty
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 17:59:58

    No I am not dating any one … and Senay is a sweet heart, but him and I donot go well at all…


  3. tibebe
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 14:56:49

    so now you are dating royal family huh? his name niguse o nigusu o negasi ?


    oh no! you and senay? 😯

    glad to hear you had a good time.

    now everybody shut up for it’s time for me to complain.

    today we gave this test to the students. it was the first test to have all of its contents from the portions that I had covered. so I had carte blanche to ask all sorts of questions. the last question was a bonus one and after the question I wrote “you should be able to answer this question if you were present (and listening  ( the smiley was really there)) on nov – 2009, around – a.m). of course I got several blanks. I also came across one answer that made me smile hard (he even indicated which teacher I had to consult for further information) .

    and then came this :

    “i was in the class but i didn’t listen you well b/c it is not understandable that you talk and teach. this is why i am underscoring in biochem and afraid at failure by this course . i really tell you that in this course not only our/my weakness your contribution take great role for my inefficiency.i really sorry! your a kind person but you do for us that opposes your approach to us. sorry for blaming! this is not because i hate you. rathar to tell you the truth. thank you!!! (you will get me next year in PC I learning biochemistry)”

    I feel horrible

    somebody please tell me that this is a phase that I am and should be going through.


    • betty
      Mar 09, 2010 @ 21:25:07

      Ok I was having a really really crappy 4 days and I donot know for how long it will stay. But it is getting better today and thank GOd I will pass through that because I have hope and faith in GOD to make it better and for a good reason. ANd for your curious mind…his highness is a future Captain in Ethiopian Airlines.

      Now as for your students, I think the student is trying to have you have pity on him..{ do you remember the student Ross had in his class who pretended to be in love with Ross, I forgot which episode of friends it was} any way the moral of the story is, he is trying to have you go easy on him when grading. I know this is very harsh, but even if they couldnot understand it in class, they should try to read it after class and come ask you to explain it to them better. There are things that become clear when I instructors explain it to me individually. So tell him to do that..and this will pass, just have faith. Of course I need friends like TIye to remind me of that…. ok… I need you as well papiye.. I was trying to see if you were paying attention.



      • tibebe
        Mar 10, 2010 @ 07:49:46

        “… i was trying to see if you were paying attention” nice!

        thank you two for the advice. i hope you are right.

        “…a future captain in the…”

        and now you are seeing into the future? 😀

        anybody read ” the time traveler’s wife” ?


        • getere
          Mar 10, 2010 @ 19:22:34

          been ages since i read any books. last one i finished successfully was that pdf file you sent me back in 2008. it was only hundred something pages 😀


        • bettye
          Mar 13, 2010 @ 16:17:29

          didnot read the time traveler’s wife. is it any good? what is it about?

          he is a co-piolot now and he will be a Capitain in a couple of years with GOD’s help…


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