this ol’ dick of mine (is weak for you)

this post is going to be short and it is going to deal with efforts made to conceal an errection. don’t get me  wrong – I think errections are good and there is hardly anything that should make one ashamed of them. In fact, whole civilizations have emerged from errections. but man oh man, could they be any more inconvenient?

you are in a supermarket. I mean, I am in a supermarket. I am there to buy peanuts and peanut butter among other things. and there is this girl who assists customers.

there is a sort of stigma associated with frequenting nuts. you know, people think that you are eating it for its “performance enhancing” effects. I wish!

I put the peanut butter in the shopping  zenbil  but I hesitate to add the pack of nuts for fear people would look at me like “is he having a field day o something? ” and people, includes the said girl whom I would later ask to give me half a kilo of fish and would also put the stuff I bought  into my ecobag. to hell with everybody! I have now added the packet of nuts too.

but the nearness of her…

now I am standing in front of the cashier sporting a burgeoning errection. she hands me back my ecobag  and I hold it in front of my dick like a shield. the cashier gives me back the change and  I take it like I would qolo, with my shield up all the while.

I am working on sucking in an errection.


A little something for all the trouble you went to in reading the post:

I used to think erection was spelled with double r. Wonders never cease aye?


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  1. tibebe
    Mar 12, 2010 @ 06:42:15

    the title is a play on a rod stewart song. he also has done a cover of “the nearness of you”.

    i tried googling cephalalgia orgasmica and first on the list is aqumada (which would not open) followed by other pages in strange languages. does not even have a wikipedia entry. and i do not trust anything that has not got a wikipedia entry. and so i decided not to follow the matter further.

    but i hope it is something good. anything that has got “orgasm” in it has to be something good.


  2. betty
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 20:45:10

    Hey I was wondering how the two of you passed up the chance to ask about Cephalgia Orgasmica when reading my post.


    • getere
      Mar 12, 2010 @ 17:05:16

      whenever i encouter a biological word, “The Kulkulet Effect” kicks in. the kulkulet effect is when i scan through things very quickly as if my eyes were balls let go from a kulkulet top. if i see a word i don’t understand, i skip it and the one next to it. if i find two words i skip the whole sentence. if the next sentence has a single word i don’t understand i skip the whole paragraph. if i then find something i don’t recognize in the early stages of the next paragraph, i stop reading and leave a comment complaining about the post. same goes for football. very judgemental eh?

      ok, don’t take it literally. i do skip paragraphs but i can’t make my eyes roll like a ball.


      • betty
        Mar 12, 2010 @ 21:15:46

        You are right papy, I got the word right out of Wegesha’s entry, It is funny when we sit down and talk, I never hear him drop these words, but when writin on Aqumada…and that is where I got it… any way…here is the explanation from Wegesha, from the Aqumada entry…
        [it’s always been this way for me anyway. I remember about three years ago, when my work day used to span 30hours per shift, I was having a horrible day at work and then, I was called to the emergency room to see a patient who had bled in his brain. The patient was in a coma so I asked his fiancée if she had witnessed anything abnormal in the hour leading up to this. Tears rolling down her eyes, she told me they were making love and suddenly he complained of a terrible headache after which he passed out and hasn’t woken up since. This is one of those conditions you read about in some thick-ass medical text book and remember it years later because it is one of the few conditions that had been appropriately named – cephalalgia orgasmica. Cephalalgia means headache and we are willing to demonstrate what “orgasmica” means (women can call me or Nebelbal and guys can call Amiche). How does one explain, in the emergency room, to this poor fiancée that she has probably lost her man due to an aneurysm in the brain that ruptured because of increased blood pressure during sexual activity? Wow! And I thought I was having a horrible day.]

        As for you Tiye, the kulkulet effect? Really… sorry to hear that but biological words are sometimes crazy and fun.


      • tibebe
        Mar 13, 2010 @ 15:27:26

        hi! hi! hi! 😆

        wait a minute; i too am a biologist. how dare you? you,… programmer!


        • bettye
          Mar 13, 2010 @ 16:14:55

          “you programmer”… nice one papiye… this reminds me of Ewnetu, I am not sure if you guys remember him, he was ye harar lij and was in 4 kilo… so any way one day sammiye made him mad, and Ewnetu didnot know what names to call him…so he decided on ” ante ruach”… it was funny….


        • getere
          Mar 13, 2010 @ 19:17:04

          i’ve been working on the connection pool yesterday. we’re using DBCP for it (it’s an Apache project). luckily it’s only a few classes that changed. i have yet to clean up and write test cases.


          • bettye
            Mar 13, 2010 @ 21:10:25

            lol Tiye… I get your point and forgive me Tiye… I thought the context would interest you more than the exact definition… forgive me?… no actually forgive us?….You know I love you right…


          • tibebe
            Mar 17, 2010 @ 08:40:10

            are you trying to tell me that you deal with red indians while we are obsessed with the greeks?


  3. betty
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 20:42:29

    I like the title…. it has the potential to become a good pick up line…but hey I agree with Tiye, sometimes when you think about it, life is short and we should go for stuff that we like, If only I listened to this advice too.


  4. tilish
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 19:37:20

    i’m hooked to this song.


  5. tilish
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 18:31:59

    ask her out. you might get rejected but you never know. if you get rejected you look for someone else. it’s as simple as that 😀

    awwww. those girls are dancing like it’s nobody’s business. guraghigna songs got the groove. you’ve inspired the post that’s about to come.


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