Being optimistic is good for you. Checkout the tetris effect if you don’t believe me.

But we also say “expect the worst”. I once read a book that had a whole chapter on lowering expectations to the minimum. It talked about how good it is to prepare yourself so you don’t get crushed later. It makes good sense to me. I’m ambitious and have seen a lot of failures. Each of them frustrated me. But still, I don’t see how I can be happy if I’m expecting the worst all the time.

And I don’t really buy the saying “expect the worst and hope for the best” (even though it sounds nice to the ears). If I’m hoping for the best then the only way I can get there is to expect I will achieve it and work hard for it.

What do you think? Which one of these do you follow? In your life have you somehow moved from one to the other? Would you change it if you could or does it work for you as it is?


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  1. getere
    Mar 24, 2010 @ 20:43:55

    And another question, how do you stop forgetting things? On average I forget my keys at least once every three weeks. Today I almost had to find a room for the night. Best idea I have so far is to keep copies with someone.


  2. tibebe
    Mar 23, 2010 @ 13:26:37

    A.I ain’t got no ambition.
    B.I ain’t got no life principle.
    C.I am not kidding
    D.Don’t get to choosing, dummies! i am all dat.

    So that’s what the game is called!? My bro and i used to call it “brick game” and i think it must be the only game i have ever played in earnest.

    E. I don’t play games


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