They got this new waitress who is, you know, hot. A waiter takes my order and she brings the order. I steal furtive glances her way in between gurshawoch, pretending to watch Oprah.  Okay, the glances were not as furtive as could be cuz one time I made her drop a towel; yay!

Other females are sitting next to me. When she took their order they told her that she was qonjo. She giggled and went away to bring them their shit. They continued discussing that females should tell other females when they are beautiful; and how, most of the time, this is interpreted as jealousy while in reality it was a positive thing to be done more often. They even mentioned the case of one janitor who was “too beautiful” for the job.

Here is the pickle, at least for me.

I have now finished my lunch and want to pay. I give a (nominal) tip every time I go to the place. It being the administration café, I am not sure if giving tips is many people’s wont. The times they have seen me give tips, people may have went “if you, asshole, want to show off,  go to the cafes outside campus!” If it was the guy who took my order or the other regular waitresses, I could have given it, no problem. But when I signal to him, he ends up sending her, damn! So now I have to give the money to the new beauty and under the watchful eyes of four or so ladies. What must I do? If I don’t give the tip, it would be going against my policy which clearly states that I should “do little things every now and then although they won’t lessen the burden of proof of your jerkhood”. And if I do give her the tip, then it may look like – to her and the watchers – that I am soliciting in my own little ways.

At the end of the day, policies triumph; I give the tip and extract myself from the eatery, jimmy and all.


  • Is it wrong to stand up and greet people when they happen on us while we are eating? Which one deserves more respect, humans or food? Could this be the reason why we have become a nation of hodamoch, where food is hard to come by and people are treated like shit?
  • Ain’t no place like rock bottom – once you are there, there is nothing left for you to do but get higher. Will try to clarify with graphs on my next post.

Nice TV ad

I was also surprised to hear recently that John Lewis is a worker cooperative.

SI unit for a friend

This time it’s a Geez letter, not Greek.

If you didn’t see the font in the previous statement then it’s about time you installed Ethiopic font.

I changed the theme. It’s lighter on the eyes. If I had more time I’d have changed the strong color on the left pane.

one in million and no she isnot imaginary…

Someone just said to me ” you sound happy, you look happy”  I answered back “I am happy.” I didn’t realize that I was smiling and but I  was thinking of her and her laugh.

I have  always wanted to tell her that she is one in a million. I knew her from highschool but I talked to her properly when Sammiye asked me to do him a favour and take her to the library.  Through the past 7 years, She changed my whole perspective on things, how to make it work in this world, how people are  loved and to always be happy and cheerful. So many have tried to bring  her down, but she came out a winner on all of them because of her faith and her positive attitude. She never breaks down when things go bad, she somehow finds  a way to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The day I was leaving, we cried in each other’s arms, well I did that with almost everybody, but saying goodbye to her was hard. We have been through a lot together, the friendship, the love, the laughs, the gossip, the truths, the lies and through it all  she has always been the one person who always had my back no matter what. My dad always says  ” you left me a part of you here” when we talk about her. She is my sister and my best friend who cries with me, who laughs with me and who somehow sees a little girl in me that she has this urge to always protect. You know me I am a sucker for that kind of attention and she gives it without me asking for it.

I am thinking of her everyday this past month,  I cry sometimes or imagine myself talking to her.  I see her through the eyes of the people that surround me with so much love.  I feel like she is around when Nahome says ” I love you”, when Jennylee acts crazy or brings me food to eat, when Atsu drops me a line to check on how I am doing. I miss her so much I try to laugh like her, to feel her presence near me. It is funny how she gets angry at the people who make fun of me, to the point where she shuts them off. I don’t know what I did to deserve her friendship.  Her smile, her good will, her hard-working personality is contagious and I wish she is here with me.

Love you EDOMIYE.

I loved this music… and I know I know papiye.. but give them a chance….

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