random events, and apparently he thinks betty cannot handle the truth..

“Aunt betty is going to be sorry if you mix the colors”.. this was Nahom talking to Nathan.

They are sitting in front of me  and painting and talking… Nahome is mixing all the colors and painting and they seem to be enjoying their own creativity…

Nahome starts singing this song… and Nathan laughs….. four-year olds that seem to always make my day. I love it when they invite me to their own little world…. I realize how much I love kids when I see these two… and then I get up to ask Emanuel to come down and read a book for me ( I am writing this blog.. how am I going to pay attention to what he is going to be reading.?. ),… so he comes in and asks..” why do I have to read any way?”… before I could answer..

 Nahome looks up at him and says…” because it is fun… and what you have is an easy book.”… I laugh and Emanu is back to watching his TV show…..

Nathan asks.” Nahome I am a very good painter right?”

Nahome answers..” I know” and then he says..” I used to be a great artist you know?”

Nathan answers ” I do better stuff than you”.. then they change their conversation suddenly and Nathan says” guess where my grandpa and mom went”… then the color they came up with gets their attention and Nahome says..” brilliant.. look at this.. this is awesome.”

Nathan answers..” this is beautiful picture… awesome…. oh look.. I just painted my self.”… they looked at each other and they are laughing….

They hear the ice cream truck coming, and they start singing…lalala…hmmmm….

ok now they are done with their art and they are  leaving me to think about what to write next.

Any way when I think of what I had planned for today, I say to myself… wow.. only GOD knows what is best for me. He pulled me out of a wreckage. It made me think about what life should be all about, it should be about love, kindness and peace.

When I left home yesterday evening, I was thinking of the the notes I am going to read, the people I should be calling…, then I see this car coming straight at me on my lane. I actually thought I was dreaming. I looked at the lane next to me and realized I was on the right lane and the dude had lost it and he is going to crush me over with his Durango. The only choice I had to avoid him was to drive into a ditch, I did that but his car was close, although I managed to avoid head on crash, he ende up hitting me from the side which in turn spinned my car 360 degrees and all I remember saying was…” GOD please stop this car, St. Urael please be with me”….I spunned around, and ended up in  a ditch on the opposite side of the lane I was at. But I got out fine, some pain on my Neck and chest, but in one piece. I am still in shock, I still cannot believe tha t I got out. All I know is even though I wasn’t asking, GOD was watching over me.

But the guy,  after hitting me, ended up crashing head on with another guy who was behind me. It could have been worse though, because there was a 10 month old and a two-year old in the other car that Got hit, and we all came out untouched.

So who was this person who decided to end his life at 08:45pm on friday night? I have no idea, I never got to see him. But they booked him because he was druk, and the police found lots of bottles of beer in his car.

Thank you JIm for being there, for reassuring me, for making sure I was taken care of untill my family came for me and I hope I get to repay you back some day. You are the random stranger who stopped to help an Ethiopian girl who otherwise would have felt lonely on very cold and windy friday night.

I didnot cry untill I saw my brother, when he hugged me, I just let it go and cried like a baby. And I thanked GOD for filling my life with those that are there everytime.

So snapping out of my unfortunate ordeal,… the words of Jack Nicholson echo through my ears, these words I heard even before I know Jack Nicholson was… well Jack Nicholson… the words: ” you want the truth, well, You cannot handle the truth.” A few good men indeed…. the line was from ” A few good men.” He decided to lie to me, whether it is now or before … a lie is a lie and what can I say but to just accept it and ignore it and say who am I to judge him. Is it so hard to tell me the truth?… I don’t think so, It will hurt me, but lies hurt more and apparently the guys I end up dating seem to think other wise. But then again it has happened plenty of times to my friends, especially the one I heard about last month is sad, I am sorry guys, I cannot tell the story because it involves someone that we all know and it isnot my story to tell, so I will shut up but it is always sad, very sad.

The weirdest part is I am actually the happiest I have ever been, yeah and you papiye and Tiye  have everything to do with it. The things that happened before this whole bombshell made me strong, and now I know why GOD let it happen, He needed me to be strong for this new piece of lie or info, either way I am relieved and happy.

I am thinking of ideas how to make Nahome’s birthday a blast for him, since he made me smile on the days I was feeling crappy, I smile when I hear those words every time I think of  it ” you look sad today betty, don’t worry; You know I love you right?”…

Love you both….

Emanu is screaming ” Betty” at the top of his lung now..

” what is it” I shout back…..

Emanu answers..” it is home alone two: lost in newyork, come and see”…

I am smiling, an invitation that always makes me appreciate GOD who gave me a heart that has fun watching movies with kids. So smile and have fun my friends…



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Apr 20, 2010 @ 07:38:37

    i agree with tilish; i think it is high time that the others had birthdays.

    i am not sure about the talak film.


  2. tibebe
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 15:13:26

    I am reading your post and wondering how many boys are there in the house; I mean I have heard of Nahom and Emanuel but who the hell is Nathan? May be Bettye has given birth and hid it from us.

    Meantime, Bettye, let alone involve herself in procreation, she was involved in an accident!!!

    How are you holding up? Thank God you were not hurt. Thank God no one was hurt.

    You can’t and won’t die on us now cuz we have got places to go, girl!

    And the Amharic:

    Endet nesh Bettye? Enen enen! Enkuan egzer aterefesh! Yetabatu sekaram! Afer Yiteta! Zifizif! Amedam!

    And I think the police will take it from here.

    And one thing you should know, men are jerks and so are women. So at the end of the day, it does not matter.

    I remember Home Alone used to be the shit back in the days.


    • getere
      Apr 18, 2010 @ 20:54:15

      it’s hard to keep track of the kids. some of them may be imaginary. nahom has been around for a while now so he’s probably real. have you noticed the others don’t have birthdays? nahom has had a couple now. real or imaginary, he’s her favorite.

      afer yibelal enji yitetal ende?

      do we still have talak film on saturday nights? has it been replaced by ethiopian films yet?


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