yetebareku lijoch

Yesterday  afternoon I started teaching a new batch.  When it was time, I go to the classroom and notice that there was no one loitering on the passages and the class was full of students who are sitting silently. I got worried; from outside it looked like some other teacher was teaching in there, taking the slot that we had arranged having dodged the morning (no electric power).

But surprise surprise!  It was just the students waiting for their teacher, waiting for me! I approach the front cautiously for fear that there may be an ambush in waiting or booby traps.

I tell them to arrange their seats in such a way that there would be a passage in the middle, so that I would be able to move among them. And voila! They do like they were told. And I feel  like Moses when he parted the Red Sea. And it felt good to move among them and in general, I think I gave a good performance.

I used the first hour for an introduction which, I pray, against all odds, the students did not find boring. The skeleton of the lecture was as follows:

biochemistry introduction

 To the authors I have copied images and text from – I acknowledge that I have copied stuff from you. The reason I failed to write your names is because you are fucking too many.

(Between slides 9 and 10, I made them watch this )

 Tilish, did you think that posting about incomprehensible computer stuff and telling us to ignore it won’t come back to bite you on the ass? And yes, we had to have Greek mythology.

I was not around for the first biochemistry lecture of the last batch. But their demeanor before class starts was not a pretty sight if not complete pandemonium. Maybe this batch will evolve into their predecessors given the right amount of time.   

But the way  things stand, I like them!



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