* ¡Feliz cumpleaños! *

I find these words in Amharic, English or in his own language sometimes in my inbox, or whispered to me, or actually one time he told everyone that he was looking for me and I found him sitting in front of a computer studying.

betty: ” Hey, were you looking for me?”

He says,  ” No, who told  you that?.. but since you are here, here you go”… he hands me a disket ( well we were still using a disket then.. yeah that is how old we are.. did I even spell it right?)…. any way…

betty: ” what is this?”

He says, ” take it  and read what it says”….he smiles and gets back to  his studying.

I open it and a document in my name reads more or less like this….

Hey Wezgabit , I know you are a very caring person, but most people don’t know it, and the world cares less, but you are wonderful, your love is wonderful and may it be as contagious as HSR1….. because we need it… and may you have a lot more birthdays so that you will need a fire extinguisher to blow out the candles and I hope to be there for all of them. Happy birthday…

I wanted to cry, he was the first one to remember, but more than that he always knows how to make my day.  I looked back to see what he was doing and true to himself  he had continued studying. I went back to him and hugged him.

That is the way he has always been, I loved sitting next to him when we studied. He always has something to say to make me laugh; to make me wonder about the world; to make me strong and to calm me down. The only one who never pushes me away even when I am being annoying, well honestly I can say that about all of them, but he is special. I loved watching games or movies with him, I loved trying on his shoes… ok I am getting out of script here so moving on…..

For the most part, I go to the three of them every time things go bad,  but he knows how to turn things around, use a metaphor, sometimes magic but always humor to make me forget even if it is for a day or so, then he finds a way to make me deal with my problems.

These past 3 and 10 months have been sort of lonely without him( Don’t get me wrong, I miss all of them but this entry is just for him).. I miss laughing at his jokes ( well he has this serious face when he telling jokes that makes it even more funny), I miss looking at a face that calms me down when I feel like the world is conspiring against me ( yeah, if you know me, then you know I get paranoid at times.. and when he is reading this.. he would say ” sometimes?”), but more than that  I miss the face that always lets me know that he loves me no matter what and he will always have my back.

And to let you know my dear… we get better as we get older like fine wine and even if we don’t get better, we at least get to drink wine,…... and know that I got your back always.

* ¡Feliz cumpleaños! * my wonderful, awesome, adorable and lovable friend.



Sorry desperate times call for desperate measures….

please please… you know what this reminds me of…hmm well “”debeterochih”… I loved studying from them.. but they donot need representation on the blog… Tiye..uhh uhhh uhhhh…. Ye scotland Jib meche new yemilekih ena yihen lij tew yemitilew..


distant relatives

My friend’s family gave me the key to their front door:

My first impression was that of a cat’s: I must have been a very good person to them. Then came the impression of that most suspicious of animals whose name I do not know: maybe I tend to overstay my welcome and by giving me the key, they are using reverse psychology. Many a day I have taken a detour to their house when I could not handle the thought of cooking. At last came the dog: maybe they are just good people; and maybe this is the way I should think of everything good that comes my way. eña melkam silehonin sayhon esu silewededen …


My distant relatives have invited me for dinner because today is yesene TSom meyaZa. The funny thing is I don´t even fast. God bless them!

Speaking of Distant Relatives, I have listened to the songs and I think the shit is bangin! And the album art is simple and the colors and the spear are nice:

I was disappointed to read the 50k projections for its first week sales. So I am trying to do my bit in promoting it: what are you waiting for?! go out and get the album; you will love it!   Tilish, you have got to cop it; think of it as a souvenir from your travels.

And besides, some of the money is reportedly going towards building schools in the DRC.

Clear and present danger


good times with the little ones

“It has been a very long day”  to put it in Nahome’s exact words. I was happy to be done with exams and I decided to babysit the kids. I let them play outside and was watching them form far when I saw Nahome and Nathan by themselves talking, it is funny how I get excited when I see those two talking together. so I decided to join them. They were sitting on a small play house and pretending they were worriors. Then they decided to flip the play house and make it into a ship. I was told to sit down, then they offered me lunch. I said I wanted to sushi. They looked at eachother quizicaly  then looked at me and asked ” sushi?” I said yeah. They somehow knew what shusi was and made me one but  decided to add chocolate icecream to flavour it up. Honestly I donot know how I would react in the real world, if I was served a sushi with chocolate icecream.

In the end everybody joined in when ” all abored” was called by Jared… yeah everybody… aunt betty, Nahome, Emanuel, Nathan, Trenton, Stuart,  Jared, James, Jonathan, and Ashley. And we went away sailing…..

It was a wonderful day….

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