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Came this form to the office. They told us to check that our particulars are properly filled in and to insert additional information including, our biher. I did not see the use in that and decided at first to leave it blank. Here I am trying to be a world citizen and petty things like biher are trying to pull me down; not if I can help it! Next day came a bright idea. Why don’t I fill in my biher. And fill I did – Macondo. If anyone should ask which biher that is , I would answer, with a straight offended face: “and you know by heart the names of all 80 biher bihereseboch and hizboch, huh?!”

And I needed to write this post.


The wedding and….where are my boys?

There was a wedding last night. It went wonderful. I love Ethiopian weddings: the dress, the fun, the eskistata, tigrigna chifera, the guragigna chifera, oromigna chifera but most of all eating a perfectly made ethiopian food.

It is funny when I look back at the weddings I had gone to when I was back home, I don’t remember being excited about them before the wedding day came. For the most part, I went to please my parents or my aunts. I remember this one time family wedding, I didn’t want to go but my mom and aunt said I have to, so I did,  in shorts and a T-shirt which i was wearing that morning. They agreed to my wardrobe because if they allowed me to go back home to change, I would not come out. I didn’t know I was so stubborn then ,  my mom and Aunt BITI  will be amazed if they see me go through all the trouble of dressing up, applying make up which I don’t even wear normally and yeah putting on… TAKO CHAMA..( everyone here laughs at me when I say TAKO CHAMA… apparently it is funny…) I loved the food though, and I only went for the ” FERENGI” food, not for the INGERA. Now I am doing the opposite here, going for the INGERA and DORO WOT, AYB  BE GOMEN… ohhh,,, it was delicious.

I danced with YAYE and MAHI… they dance good, and I feel like a foreigner from some remote land when I am on the dance floor doing my thing that I call ESKISTA, or CHIFERA…. but hey the  point is to have fun… and like the singer said..” ENKISIKASEWOCH HULU DANCE NACHEW”

All in all it was a wonderful wedding….but I  was sitting  down when people were dancing at some point and turned around wishing that TIYE  and PAPY were there with me…. come to think of it…. where are my boys?

Living in the moment

“1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 40 sheep, 80 sheep, 100 sheep…. there you go… I cannot sleep  Aunt Betty..”  this was Nick complaining  while Stuart and Nahome are fast asleep; Emanuel and Lulu are laughing because Nick actually listened to my suggestion of counting sheep … I like when I end up doing unplanned things with them.

It was fourth of July weekend, I realize I miss Tiye or pappy because my saturday has been lonely. I was waiting for a certain someone to call me but she was tied up with some of her friends and she forgot about me.  I should have gone home but decided to wait for the call that never came  at Etiye Mulushewa’s house and pretty much slept the whole time after watching David Villa’s score.

I went home around 9 o’clock and as I park my car I saw a projector and a movie being played outside. I realized that every body was outside snuggled in their blankets and watching the movie. Mr. Kelly is wonderful for arranging these movie under the moonlight nights for all the kids. so after changing into a comfortable cloth I went out and joined them.

At first when my brother planned a sleep over  in the back yard,  he only had in mind his kids, himself and Tsiye. But  Emanuel had other ideas: he announced to everybody to join him. I like that Emanu  is “Habesha”  in some ways because he loves inviting everyone; whether there is a birthday or a gathering. I think he loves the idea  ” the more the merrier ” and I love that about him.

So  that led to my brother being  thrown back into the house, Tsiye and I had to spend the night with them in a tent. It was fun and I am happy I got to do it… Poor Stuart though, he just wanted to sleep and every one wanted to tell jokes… ” Why did the chicken cross the road?” was the one that stuck with me… I don’t even know what they were answering for that, they were just laughing and in the end Stuart said….” why is Stuart mad at all of you”… and they all answered in one voice..” we don’t know, tell us”… and he shouted back  “.. because all of you would not shut up.. go to bed.”… the sad part is they still laughed at him. In the end though, Stuart and Nahome fell asleep, Emanu and Lulu were about to sleep when Nick started complaining about not being able to sleep.

” Why are you having trouble sleeping?” I ask.  He sighed and answers back  ” because it hurts my side when I sleep on it.”

” what do you mean it hurts your side?” I ask concerned… Emanu and Lulu are wide awake now.

” because my Dog is sick, she has a kidney problem, and we took her to the vet… you will not believe, we also had to take her pee to the doctor, it was gross…” Nick was going on and on… At first I was just listening and feeling sorry for Kelsey the dog and how sad it must be for Nick who is 6 years old and that dog is what he loves the most,  then I realized we need to be  sleeping since it is past midnight..

” Wait Nick, why are we talking about Kelsey?”… Emanu, Lulu and Tsiye laugh..

” I don’t know, I just taught I should mention it”.. he answers in a sad voice that it made me want to let him continue the story but I decided against it and told him to try to sleep and mention that it goes for the rest of them as well, then he said again..” I cannot sleep Aunt Betty”.. that is when I suggested that he imagine himself in a beach and start counting sheep. He obliged by counting but he gave up too soon and decided it is not working. Emanu and Lulu are still laughing. So  I had to make them stop laughing and Nick continued…” 1000 sheep, 2000 sheep, 5000 sheep..” All of a sudden it was quiet; I look up at all of them,  they are all curled up and asleep.

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