The wedding and….where are my boys?

There was a wedding last night. It went wonderful. I love Ethiopian weddings: the dress, the fun, the eskistata, tigrigna chifera, the guragigna chifera, oromigna chifera but most of all eating a perfectly made ethiopian food.

It is funny when I look back at the weddings I had gone to when I was back home, I don’t remember being excited about them before the wedding day came. For the most part, I went to please my parents or my aunts. I remember this one time family wedding, I didn’t want to go but my mom and aunt said I have to, so I did,  in shorts and a T-shirt which i was wearing that morning. They agreed to my wardrobe because if they allowed me to go back home to change, I would not come out. I didn’t know I was so stubborn then ,  my mom and Aunt BITI  will be amazed if they see me go through all the trouble of dressing up, applying make up which I don’t even wear normally and yeah putting on… TAKO CHAMA..( everyone here laughs at me when I say TAKO CHAMA… apparently it is funny…) I loved the food though, and I only went for the ” FERENGI” food, not for the INGERA. Now I am doing the opposite here, going for the INGERA and DORO WOT, AYB  BE GOMEN… ohhh,,, it was delicious.

I danced with YAYE and MAHI… they dance good, and I feel like a foreigner from some remote land when I am on the dance floor doing my thing that I call ESKISTA, or CHIFERA…. but hey the  point is to have fun… and like the singer said..” ENKISIKASEWOCH HULU DANCE NACHEW”

All in all it was a wonderful wedding….but I  was sitting  down when people were dancing at some point and turned around wishing that TIYE  and PAPY were there with me…. come to think of it…. where are my boys?


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  1. tibebe
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 12:39:15

    tiye is dead and papy, well, he is dead too. our condolences and good riddance!


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