bihere macondo

Came this form to the office. They told us to check that our particulars are properly filled in and to insert additional information including, our biher. I did not see the use in that and decided at first to leave it blank. Here I am trying to be a world citizen and petty things like biher are trying to pull me down; not if I can help it! Next day came a bright idea. Why don’t I fill in my biher. And fill I did – Macondo. If anyone should ask which biher that is , I would answer, with a straight offended face: “and you know by heart the names of all 80 biher bihereseboch and hizboch, huh?!”

And I needed to write this post.



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  1. tibebe
    Aug 02, 2010 @ 13:25:48

    had my first enquirer – he asked, in a playful tone:”commando bileh yesafkew manin lemasferarat new?”

    betty, (btw whatever happened to bettiye? what did she do to you?) anchi degmo englizna endemayawk tihonalesh! ahun anjet maras yakitishal?

    tilish, are you wondering about the source of the name macondo or about the form that we were given to fill?

    started a new topic today – tca cycle. i think i told a lot of tasteless jokes. the clown in me had a ball!


  2. betty
    Aug 01, 2010 @ 14:21:35

    Haha… this was funny.. I was reading this and laughed out loud that the guy next to me asked if I was ok.
    I am used to the questions of ethnic background questions here. I donot know why they ask it, but I fill it out for the most part saying.. Black.. yes ahunim black.. but sometimes they give you this boxes to check and the only choice you have is.between.. African American/Black … or other…. If I put African would be a lie.. if I check “Black”.. I know I am black but why put it together with African American….but then if I check “Other”.. then I have to explain that i am Habesha.. so… I just put African American/ BLack… I am glad of my blackness… Lemin endih amarebat, lemin tekorech bilachu atiteyikugn.. ene ” melanin” alegn.. enante gin yelachihum… haha…those were Tetemke’s words that stuck with me from my biochemistry class.

    It is funny, Ethiopia is not a country filled with so many nationals, they donot need to ask this. If it is for the sake of “Memesasel” with the west.. then ask to check the boxes.. Habesha Tikur, Habesha Kilis / Kenech yetedakele, Habesha Kilis / Ketikur yetedakele, Tikur Africawi, Nech Ferengi, ,….. I hate this beher.. beher bla bla…. it is rridiculous …..

    On a good note though, I have you ” anjeten lemaras”.. (how do you say this in english).. Macondo is very funny,…..



  3. getere
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 19:37:46

    ha ha. i wonder what it was!

    i never had a consistent approach to such questions. here you get black, white, asian, bla bla. sometimes i try to see it from the positive side. say you’re on power and you work on policies related to equality. you’d want to know how much effect a policy you passed a year ago had on the employment rate of biher X (a biher that seems to have low employment rate). not just employment rate of course. who’s migrating from where, who has small literacy rate, etc. sometimes though i think it’s up to the people to enforce the law. you can’t force people to abide by it. if people don’t accept the law then they’ll break it in all sorts of ways. there is discrimination here although it’s done in such a way that it’s hard to prove it. so why fill the damn “race” section? i’d be happy to spend my time filling it out if they explained in detail how it’s going to be used, not just the usual sentence with the shallow phrase “committed to equality”.


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