i am robbing my country blind

I am not trying to be self-righteous or anything like that or not like it. I just feel that I am getting paid more money than I have worked for. There is the salary, the top up, the position allowance, (until recently) extension and a couple of other things I have chosen not to accept. I could have settled for the salary only and even that I would think excessive. Do I have a lot of money on my hands at the end of the month and am I “planning for the future”?  That is another issue.

A while back on Addis Admass they were interviewing the guy who works at the Dagmawi Menelik Hospital morgue and I was shocked to learn that: after cutting open and sewing Lord knows how many corpses on a daily basis; having to puke every morning from the ghastly nature of the causes of death; working under conditions that could and do endanger his health – he goes home with 400 something birr come payday.

Some could argue that he is doing simple mechanical work and that people like me are in the more taxing “knowledge industry” and deserve to get more. Yet no argument could convince me that my work is 11 times harder than his.

So unfair.

I wish I could get hold of him and make some amends. Hey dawg! If you happen to be reading this-in case this be a day that people are not too busy dying-holla at me!


My overpaid ass just got out of class.

I don’t mean to brag or anything but… I can’t fucking help it!

I am telling you this because of the admirable way you put up with my whining and moaning about my teaching career. I am doing this for you.

A student asks me (after class) if I had kids and whether they did not miss me when I went to work. I tell him I have got a picture of one of my kids which I could show him if he would please follow me to the office. I show him the picture of one of my nieces and disclose her real identity. I ask him why the questions? Did he have in mind a chick whom I can hook up with (please let it be!)? He says him and the other students like the way I teach, especially the way I try to make them unwind by telling them stories. I reply, stories are good but the main thing is that I should succeed in transferring the necessary knowledge – so did he think I was doing that too? He says, yes! Yes he says!!! Did you hear that errbody?!

In your face, previous batch!

Well, I don’t really mean that. It was one of the points that I raised with the kid: told him that I thought I could have done a better job with his seniors, which I didn’t and take full responsibility for; and that the rumors about me having been a horrible teacher were based on a true story; and that I believed that there still was huge room for improvement.

It is all about improvement baby! And if you happen to be familiar with the lingo of the country’s newest edition of a five year strategy – transformation!

Now to the “Did you know?” section…

Did you know that I was responsible for naming the youngest of my nieces?! I think my being away from home held some sway over her parents’ decision to stick with my suggestion. People would be asking how they came up with the name and they would answer “ … her uncle is away on business … he came home the day after she was born ….” and I would join “ yes yes yeall!… I was chillin’, praying at the midnight Easter mass … and suddenly this angel I mean thought comes over me … and  there and then…”

And Blen is not a bad name after all. I mean, it is way better than some other names that start with a B; Bethlehem for instance 🙂


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bettye
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 15:03:25

    ok… I think both of you are jealouse… you cannot have a name like mine… do you even know what it means…hmmm..

    the orgin of the word is Hebrew…. and it means ” ye hibist bet”….or house of bread…

    huletishim will be lucky to have my name….

    “teach a man how to fish”.. do we even know if papy knows how to fish?….

    yeah papiye.. take the money.. atleast it is a pay back for the ” therefore”.. do you remember it…” ye cafe siga wot”.. it is to make up for that….

    or you will spend it with me when i get there in 2003….do you both like?…


    • getere
      Sep 12, 2010 @ 10:04:10

      beth, i like your name actually.

      you’re going in 2003? i hope in late december – early january? tibe would you be in adisaba then?

      yeah, tibe teaching how to fish would be a disaster. even the fish would be insulted.


  2. tibebe
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 15:28:55

    check http://www.newsweek.com/content/newsweek/2010/08/15/interactive-infographic-of-the-worlds-best-countries.html out

    i was happy with 94 cuz usually, we would be number 170 or thereabouts. but then i saw that they had ranked only 100 countries and i was crushed. 😦

    “teach a man how to fish” just because we live at the shores of lake tana, does not mean that we are incapable of doing anything else. oh! now i get your meaning.


    • getere
      Aug 17, 2010 @ 18:59:56

      all experiences a person can have summed up to one number! well done idiots! go have tea with IQ testers!


  3. tilish
    Aug 15, 2010 @ 21:50:06

    Give it to the poor. Or even better, “teach a man how to fish”. You can at least buy books and donate it to the uni or buy your students some free stuff they need. Think man, think.

    Well done with the new batch!

    Also better than other names that have B’s in them 🙂


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