I saw Waking Life following Tibe’s suggestion. The film is about one guy’s dream. He goes around talking to different philosophers about different philosophical issues. I found the discussions very catching. The discussion I liked most happens around the end whn one of them speaks about how there is no time and that there is just one moment, now – which is also eternity. The soundtrack was the best! I’m going to get it.

It was a lucid dream he was having, meaning he knew he was dreaming. I wish I was able to do that! I spoke to a friend of mine who said he always knows when he’s dreaming.  !. Anyone here with the same experience?! It was interesting to read about ways of how you can test if you’re dreaming – turning the light switch off for example (lights won’t go out in dreams). There is a couple of problems with that though. Let’s say I’m doing a presentation and I make an embarrassing mistake. In the hope that I’m dreaming, do I go to the corner of the room and turn the light switch off?! If the lights go out and so not a dream, I might as well sneak out and throw myself from the top of a building. Hopefully the results of the light switch test were wrong and I’d wake up just before hitting the ground! (If the lights don’t go out though I can just laugh at the audience, mua ha ha ha ha, and fly away). I could also be in a field where there’s no light switch. Besides, whenever I’m dreaming I’m very occupied, doing things that require focus, like running away from a dog, arguing with someone, or falling down from a cliff. Certainly not the time to look for a light switch! Other times I may be happy with what’s going on so I’d rather not know I’m dreaming.

There is another test.

It’s to see a digital watch. Apparently digital clocks look fuzzy/unclear inside dreams. I don’t have a digital watch but I do carry a phone that I constantly look at. So my plan now is to make it a habit to ask myself if I’m dreaming. I will then pop out my phone to see the time. Hopefully I will remember to do the same in my dreams.

Actually what’s important here is not really what method I choose to use. I just need to get into the habit of asking myself if I’m dreaming. I think it’s easy to tell as long as I remember to ask the question. I mean come on, I have even dreamt of going to elementary school with my flip flops on. I don’t need a watch to tell me I’m dreaming – the whole idea of going back 20 years and going to school with flip flops is craaaaazy. There are tricky ones though where I want to run but my legs feel too heavy to move, or I want to shout but no sound comes out.

Why do I want to do all this? Because I think flying is fun! I’ve also found myself playing some very nice tunes in my dreams, solving problems and so on. If I succeed in having a lucid dream I’m going to call one of you. I’ll do some mean things to you to test your true friendship. The possibilities are endless!


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  1. getere
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 20:14:18

    Still no luck. I sometimes check the time on real life (not as frequently as i should…) but can’t get to do it in my dreams – not once.


  2. tibebe
    Aug 16, 2010 @ 15:17:49

    The ones where you shout but no sound comes out, you want to move but something is pinning you down… I used to get those a lot. Guess dukak got tired of harassing me. Yeseytan joro aysimana! Aynu ayiy! Laptopu aysira! Internet connectionu yikuratibet!

    I too get revelations in my dreams and go “why did not I think of this earlier”. I can hardly wait to send it to a journal, but what is left of it in the morning is “What was that bright idea which I had last night?” A wrist watch is a must – I mean in real life – shows that you have got class, like me 😀 It is a reasonable concern that watches or switches may not be around for you to do the test with. How about good old pinching yourself? And to tell you the truth, there are times when I know that I am dreaming. This is mostly when the theme of the dream is pleasant, like me hooking up with someone interesting. But never the one to fool myself, I say: “wake up buddy! you are going to be late for school”

    The bit about the presentation was real nice. I could just picture you going towards the switch: “hey! I know how to fix my stupidity ”; the audience watching intently like you were about to do a magic trick (except me, because I would know that you are full of shit :smile:); the ecstasy on your face when you discover that the lights are still on; only for me to shout out: “hey shmuck! That is the switch to the lights of the hallway. Just look at him! Now he is worried about contrast after we had endured 120 excruciating slides! I say we kick his ass!” Then we give you a chase, you run for the windows still believing that it is a dream, you fall and spiderman gets you or was it batman?

    I saw the dark knight as per your recommendations and it doesn’t say anything (minim ayilim). The joker’s acting I liked but the scene with the police cars did nothing for me. The SWAT guy when they are relocating Dent – now that was funny!


    • getere
      Aug 17, 2010 @ 19:11:15

      i like seeing wrist watches on people. they make me feel uncomfortable though. besides, save the planet. why have a mobile phone and a watch?

      i think they’re both capable. i prefer batman. he can catch me and fly me safe to the ground. spider man would stick himself in the middle of the building, just in time to snatch me on my way down. that can’t be pleasant. hey, there should be more female heroes for us male victims. cat woman?

      maybe my post took your expectations way up. i like “it doesn’t say anything” 🙂


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