I just can’t seem to find time for a proper post.

I’ve been playing with Google Suggest Venn Diagram Generator recently. It uses “Google Suggest” data which is nothing but a list of phrases that most people search for. The guy has been (indirectly) inspired by this interesting image.

Kristianina muslimoch ferdobachewal.

So just for fun I put “Why do X”. And put male, female, children for X. Observe what women and children have in common.

I also tried “Why do X” where X=Ethiopians, Kenyans, Sudanese.

I can understand Arab but caucasian and white? 🙂

I’m listening to Sheger Radio these days. They have nice tireka and some ancient songs. The other day I heard the one where anyone who has grown in Ethiopia will recognize. The one where two shepherds hang out under a tree playing their flutes. A girl passes by and they hit on her. The mom starts to chastise them but one bigger due comes and goes like “Anchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyewa …….ennnnnnnesuko lijjjjjjjjjjjoch nachhhhhhhhhhew yichaaaaaaaaawetuuuuu begiiiiiiiziacheeeeeeeeew”. And the mom goes “Ante? Endet biderfegn new?”. Yeah that one. I used to hate it cause these sort of songs are always “program mamuyaya” coming between me and the thing I’m waiting for. I never thought I’d sing along with it but I did. Out loud on the street. Mts.

Did I ever say I like donkeys? I do. So much!

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  1. getere
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 20:23:00

    the unusual names and long sentences combined with my attention span of three words per sentence have made your donkey story zibrikrik.

    oh there is snow in the UK. see it on the map. see all the snow on the streets. see all those workers wearing their yellow reflective jackets cleaning up the roads. oh there is snow in the UK. this happens year after year, exactly why it should hit the news headlines. oh snow snow snow.


  2. tibebe
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 13:46:33

    Buddhism rocks!

    Shame on you females! SHAME!

    And from the song, you left out the part, an important part, that goes “anchi atawkignim?! ewkena yinsashigna!’

    Here is a story that might shed some light on the age old animosity between men and donkeys:

    …According to another donkey-story, Dionysos once came up against an impassable swamp as he was travelling to his father’s oracle at Dodona to seek a cure for a fit of madness that had been inflicted on him by Hera. He found a way across, however, by riding through the marshes on a donkey that he encountered there; and after achieving his cure at Dodona, he rewarded the beast by granting it the power of human speech. It used its new-found powers to challenge Priapos to a contest over the size of their genital organs; but the god proved to be better-endowed and killed the beast to punish it for its impertinence…

    Nuf said


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