Pusillanimity and looking for a place in the world

This week is turning out to be great fun. It started with a kickass case of food poisoning which showed me a minimum of love. Besides witnessing, once again, the miracles of ciprofloxacin, what I learned from the recent bout goes a little something like this…

Many a night I would be chillin at my friend’s after dinner, watching TV. I see Tom (and in some cases Jerry) being unpleasantly awoken from a peaceful sleep; and I sympathize, no, empathize with them – hey, that’s exactly how I feel every morning! The awakening is usually followed by chases, shotguns and cannons, a lot of splat!!! and kaboom!!!

And every morning I go chasing the cause of my vexation, the sun, eastwards while it flees west, I get some earthbound work done and go home to run another day.

Boring digressions aside, it has been said that I feel like shit in the mornings. But what I realized amid the retching and trips to the toilette in the A.M. was that every morning which has not been preceded by retching and trips to the toilette in the A.M. is a blessing; so count your blessings.

And the sun is not such a bad thing after all.

They banned laptops from the internet room I used to frequent. If you knew the ramifications of this, you would have felt sorry for me and gotten angry, the way I did when I read their nonsensical notice. But you don’t have an iota of an idea so I don’t blame you.


No! Not you! I mean the ban guys.

And this morning I learned that I should be looking for a new place. I am a subleasee. Now they are planning to move to their own place; and when they move, I move.

What a week! What’s next?! “Excuse us sir, we are here to repossess your dick. We have got court orders…”

“ 😎 Here you go, take it! Matter of fact I was just about to call you”

It sucks but I have to move. What sucks even more is that my landlord/lady had been real nice to me for the past twenty months. This means that anything could happen with the people at my next home. (And I am currently reading White Oleander – the girl in there keeps on moving from one foster home to another) If I had a rough time of it with the previous akerayoch, then a strong case could have been made of me deserving to find nice people who would compensate for the grievances. But now I feel like that I have had the good and now should move on to the bad.

Yet hope springs eternal; and I hope to find what every bachelor looks for in a house – nice people with a nice OUTGOING 🙂 daughter.

I hope I won’t get separated from my distant relatives.

And, finally! My condition has got a name! And you know that knowing the name of one’s condition is 49% the way to curing it.

I don’t care what dictionaries have got to say about the etymology of the word, but for me, pusillanimity is the pussy phobia. And I shall overcome!!! Truth be told I am overcoming right now; case in point this girl whom I tried to nod in a way of greeting to, encouraged by the fact that it was the third day in a row that I had run into her. Gin min yadergal my hesitant nod did not make it to the whole 90 degrees and she was gone by 13 degrees. Next time I see her, I would be sure to tell her: “Girl you have got 77 degrees of hello left from last time.’’

What a douche!


I know my post reeked of GRE chickela; thank you for bearing with me – if you have born with me, that is.

And the visit by Sami (looking like Fido Dido) and another friend is the highlight of the week thus far. It is not all doom and gloom.

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