the nu place and, how i had coitus with a book

Yesterday morning I slipped into a trance induced by a book, to wit, Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease: Eric Newsholme and Anthony Leech.

It is not like the book is attractive; it (or at least the copy I have got) has spelling errors and shit. But it has got what I need: concepts that I have been overlooking-it sure puts glutamine on the map – interesting boxes and answers to my long unanswered questions. It has restored faith that freshness can be breathed unto next year’s lectures; I have got a crush on it 🙂

Today Medical Biochemistry: Human Metabolism in Health and Disease: Miriam D. Rosenthal and Robert H. Glew tried to take me there but, after yesterday’s exploits, phew I was spent. Plus I am monogamous, I mean nogamous.

One, I mean zero

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