Yadisaba taxi

There is an app for Middle-Eastern dictators too

U see in others, what actually is in you… he says this after talking to me each time…hmmm

I am just laying back and thinking, whatever is going on around  me doesn’t make sense. When you worry about people, they shut you off more, when you ask them what is wrong, they say they are ok and continue with their thoughts.  I cannot handle silence but the more I prompt, the more they run as far away it seems. May be I cannot handle it when people just shut down, but I guess all I have to do is, let them be and continue loving them.

On the other hand, Thanks Papiye and Sammiye: your calls made me realize how blessed I am in life. I wanted to cry after talking to you two. I am ok and as to the problem I was having, only GOd can fix that. In the mean time, I am happy that my brother tried his best. But the crazy part is everyone is going out of their way to pick on each other, it is like Series circuits and all I can do is pray.

Emanu and Nahom are back, spent some time with them, they somehow give meaning to life for me. When I went to pick them up at the airport, Emanu run to hug me and Nahom was saying hi to my cousin and when he saw Emanu hugging me, he run to me and said ” you don’t hug me, I missed you”… yeah to Nahom I am  his “marked territory”  I carried him all the way to the baggage claim. My brother was annoyed by how I spoil his son ” you don’t help me carry the four bags I am carrying and you are carrying him.” I laugh because the presence of the kids makes me laugh.

So I have this amazing person in my life, Emanu and Nahom call him Ro-Bro; When we chat, I somehow blurt out so many kind words just because he makes it easy to be like that around him. Honestly I never think about what I say to him and he says ” you cannot help yourself but be kind to others, and you forward kind words to me each time we talk.”  He believes it is in my nature to be speak kindly to others. I am sure Papy, Dinichoye and Tiye will argue otherwise…lol.. but he said this to me today,

They say this World is a Mirror

U c …what is in U

And u get the same

U get what u give

like a mirror

If u want respect , respect others

If u want Joy , Give Joy

If u want happiness, Make ppl Happy

If u want kindness to come to u , be Kind

If you want to be Loved, Give Love

….it goes

and goes

the World is Exactly a Mirror

U get what u give

and you actually see what is In u

You are Very Kind and Sweet

in the Kindest and Sweetest Way Ever Possible

Ena u can not stop to give that

Kindness and Sweetness To others




U r a True True



Robiye said all this trying to convince me that I cannot help my self from saying kind words to others. He is very sweet to me and that is why I keep him I guess…lol…I donot believe I am the person that he sees in me, I would like to be that one day though. But the truth is what he sees in me is, what actually is in him. He is full of  optimisim, he chooses to see  only the good in people and that to me is one of his best characters.

one song before the Tsom….

 Do you remember


Thank you for dedicating your life to your children. It was my hope that I repay you but you had to go away. You told me you dreamt of being in the middle of white cattle. I expect you’re there now. It won’t be long before I join you again with all my love and respect for you.

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