Resisting Power, Saudi…..part 1


Do we take our freedom for granted?  My answer: YEAH! a big YEAH. I donot know why it is so hard for us to realize that we are lucky to have our health, and our freedom but we sure do realize it when we see others that donot have our health or our freedom.

Life becomes meaningful when we are free to do what we want; freedom allows us to reach our fullest potential or atleast it allows those who realize what freedom means to reach their fullest potential. And even if we donot reach our full potential, freedom gives us hope, it lets us be optimistic about what we can acomplish. Hope is born because of freedom.

Freedom  allows us to express our feelings for example,  voluntering information like  a couple of amazing NBA players crying in the locker room, and coming back the next day after volunteering the info to say that  the media blew it out of proportion. What a way to do damage control,  seriously Erik Speolstra?  I know you are a very young coach, but you volunteerd the information dude. The media like Mike from ” Mike and MIKE” said, is wrong 9 out of 10 times but this time they were right. But to be honest SO WHAT,… NBA players crying,  means they care. Deal with it and move on already. ( we will get back to the MIAMI HEAT and their somewhat disorganized game finishing styles. I donot like Lebron James, but I like Wade.. they just have to figure out how to modify their game….plus I am a Lakers Fan… KOBE rocks so who cares about Miami Heat;  hopefully Lakers win tonight…. WOW what goes on in my head, flight of ideas…..I got to stop….this is a story for another time)

 SATURDAY: It was one of those days whenI plan to do something and it doesnot happen. I got off work and decided to do some grocery shoping which went well  untill my car decided not to start. I call the guy who fixes my car (BINIAM) and he tells me that I need to have the starter changed but untill then I will have to have someone knocking on  the starter when I start the Engine. I was lucky that Miti was able to come and help me start my car. After that I drove home and after some studying I opened the TV to rest my brain.

MTV was showing this documentary, Resisting POwer; SAUDI ARABIA. It is a documentary about young men resisting the imposed rules of the country. One of the guys met this girl on facebook. Her face isnot shown on all of her pictures, so he has no idea what she looks like; they like eachother, they have a lot in common, they talk on the phone, but he couldnot meet her face to face. He stands outside a mall where she is at but the guard wouldnot let him in since it is a family mall and he needs to be with a family. In the documentary the guy continues to tour the city and shows the Mcdonalds in that country, it is intersting in that every section is covered with curtains and it is separated so that boys and girls wouldnot meet. He says, he loves his family, he loves his country, he loves his religion but the idea that he is going to marry a person that he doesnot know doesnot sit well with him and that is what he is trying to change.

The second one is a girl, she is trying to change the black Abbayas  ( the black colored overall muslim women put on top of their cloths) imposed by the leaders on women. She believes Abbayas should be made in different colors, she wears colorful ones herself, everyone looks at her as if she has lost her mind. Her plan to start colorfull Abbaya clothing line; she goes our to shops looking for colorfull fabrics and one of the shop owners actually came out and said… a descent girl will only wear a black Abbaya… so I will not sell the colorful fabrics to you if you are going to have them made into Abbayas. She leaves the shop but states that the shopkeeper just insulted her by saying that she isnot descent enough.


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  1. tibebe
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 15:13:04

    i think it is wrong to equate abbayas with the lack of freedom, or the presence thereof, for that matter.

    but here is a sure-fire fix to most if not all of the world’s problems:

    – basic necessities for all
    – respect for all

    and mtv (meddlesome tv) should stick to playing music.


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