ehil ena Wiha, literally

Three of the places I used to eat at are closed.  My cylinder, for the enesima vez, is out of gas and, for the enesima vez, it can’t be refilled; why?  Because no gas and even if there was, the guy (apparently the only guy, like all the various fields and sectors in Ethiopia) who could  operate the machine (I think it is a machine) has left the place.

It is hudade and meat is hard to come by. The supermarket is stocking  mortadella no more. The guy who used to sell fried fish had disappeared for a while cuz, get this, it was  tsom! And it seems the bozos at the other supermarket are never going to carry yoghurt, contrary to their advert.  You know what I think the whole idea behind fasting is? Well, you eat all those foods that seem to placate your belly for a while and after that, 10 minutes later, leave you wondering where/when your next meal is going to come from. This way, your mind will shun all evil acts and  concentrate instead on hoping and daydreaming of food. The mind at any given time has got two options to choose from: either food or sin (some sins more than others :wink:) Ana Frank was a cool girl but she was mistaken when she said that human beings were basically good; human beings basically stink. The only way they can be thought of as doing good is when they refrain from doing bad.

And you may ask, when people are hungry, won’t they be forced to resort to evil ways in order to sate their hunger ergo making the argument for tsom as a way of avoiding evil not valid? Come on! Everybody knows that in order to do bad you need a lot of energy and them yetsom migboch, well, do they carry energy?

One of the things I have always wanted to do but have not quite got around to doing is (don’t tell my mother) eat at a Muslim restaurant? (restaurant for Muslims?). There is this perfectly good Muslim place which I always overlook.

One Eid evening back in 4 kilo I ate “yeIslam migib” in Acapulco. When we got up to go to our dorms, a frond pricked me ergibgbite lay and I bled a bit. Moral of the story is, I am clumsy like that.

But really, I am going to do it one of these days.

I heard sometime back that Muslims had boycotted Yes bottled water because the recycle sign reportedly was fashioned after the crucifix. Last week I bought this water which went by the name “Alaje!” What immediately came to mind was that this particular brand must be the Muslim community’s response to Yes. Just think how messed up it would be: we were now going to have yeCristian wiha and yeIslam wiha. I mean,  haven’t we been divided enough?

Fortunately, Alaje turned out to be the place in Tigray where the water is bottled.



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  1. Martha Desta
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 05:09:36

    Dude just to let you know am loving your blog. As far as the muslim food go for it. i guess forbidden things always taste better. I went to a restaurant in Merkato where both yeAbesha migib and pasta/ rice where served together, it looked bizarre yet my favorite moment in Addis.

    anyhow just discovered your blog so much much to read, very exciting. keep it up.


  2. tibebe
    May 20, 2011 @ 14:32:32

    just bought an unassuming electric stove.

    just saw beyonce’s new video; peep the eskista at the beginning. had to say this before the ethiopian media had a field day with it. maybe it already has.

    they are forcing us into being vegetarians; the latest food item to go awol is meat.

    so it won’t seem that i always talk about the bad stuff, many roads and condominiums have been built through the years …. yay

    and i have weaned myself off sugar a long time ago.


  3. tibebe
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 15:05:58

    i had not heard of the incident you are referring to. people would go to great lengths to piss other people off. some asshole might actually have committed the act.

    it is news like this that feels people with fear. and fear drives out the love that people had for each other. please people, let’s us not sow fear in the hearts of others. and it may come as a shock to many of you, but God/Allah/…. can fight his own battles.


  4. getere
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:08:45

    tsom reminds me of poor people.

    having seen the situation in the UK, i think muslims and christians in ethiopia live with each other very well. it feels me with pride and positivity. the conflict that occurred in south ethiopia recently was very sad. it’s likely that some person/group started the rumour. i mean, the Quoran being used as a toilet paper? it sounds untrue at various levels. i think if they run out of toilet paper it’d be easier to get hold of a newspaper or some other paper. did someone run out of toilet paper and of all the paper lying around they picked the Quoran? did the user then take the used toilet paper and leave it on a street for everyone to see? i don’t think muslims should take such stories at face value. and even if a story turns out to be true, they should leave things to the legal system, not drive a whole village out. such things (people taking the law in their hands and going as far as killing others who are alleged to have insulted the religion) are common in countries like pakistan. ethiopians can do better than that.

    go ahead and eat muslim meat. it won’t kill you. in contrast, most people here eat halal meat with no problem. even supermarkets sell halal meat because the muslims require it and the others don’t mind. it’s a good win for supermarkets.


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