tibebe goes to subafrica

Now, I am not high like Harold and Kumar but have been fiending for a good burger. I hear about this place that fits the bill (of “Ethiopia’s Sandwich Kings) and decide to check it out with the informant. First try, they were closed; I curse my frigging luck and bide my time. Yesterday after class, with a couple of friends  not being able to make it, I find myself sitting alone on them green seats:  A modest place, it heralded my coming with Busta Rhymes’ “Fire It Up”; and I am like “well, fire it up then, and bring me a damned cheese burger and an equally damned strawberry smoothie!” I taste it and… Let me take you back to the day when I was finally able to bring home a screen copy of “Titanic” from yeEtye Almaz LIj video bet. Do you know that feeling which you get when you are walking around with a glass you are wearing for the first time, or after it has been modified a bit? Man, I was floating the one point something kilometers  to home!  Wondering if people knew that I was in possession of “The Titanic” at that point in time; it was like I was bringing home a panacea to all our problems.

I still do business with Etye Almaz and hers; they have this unsung, amazing times Avogadro’s number yoghurt which my sister makes a point of buying by the bundle whenever I hit Addis Abeba. I tell you, I am positively in love with that thing! I swear by it. I drink it in the morning, before departing for Bahir Dar.  Plus it wears a do rag:Where was I? Yes, I finally reached home (to underwhelming acclaim) and we watched Titanic. And our reaction was “that’s it?” I guess what I am trying to say is that, over expectation is a bitch and in these kinds of situations, more often than not, one is bound to be anticippointed. The burger was real juicy and tasty. As far as burgers in BaDa go, it is in a class of its own. Even the burgers that I have had in AA, I hardly think they are of its caliber (now I am using big meaningless words). But I was looking for a “that’s that shit!” moment, akin the one they had when they finally found that burger joint on HIMYM; and the moment was not to be found. Still, I finished the burger in less than 10 seconds; I am sure it was not because I did not have lunch.

I was a fried onion ring and smoothie virgin and on that front, I had my moment alright!

The waiter was personable and I think I caught a glimpse of the spoken about Danish chef. An extra primate was present in the form of the monkey that was tied in front of the hand wash:



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  1. tilish
    May 02, 2011 @ 19:47:53

    ergo be coca? is it a joke? don’t the two fight over the same taste buds? i wish i could say misir was my very own creation, one that took me years to perfect, but it’s not. one day my mom suggested i have misir be ergo. the story ends there. try it!


  2. tibebe
    May 02, 2011 @ 12:48:02

    Glad to see that you did not say anything about the dead animal inside the burger bun.

    That is not a borch dude! I was just full.

    Ergo be berbere ain’t got shit on ergo be Coca.


  3. tilish
    May 01, 2011 @ 21:23:28

    I was hoping to read about your experience in another African country 🙂

    Good places to eat. They make your life happier. They make your work less painful. You can have an awful morning but the thought of good lunch will keep you going.

    Is that your reflection on the picture? Do I see a “baby borch” developing? Mine is developing to a fully grown borch. I’m feeding it well you see.

    Ergo be berbere is awesome. Try it.


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