Injera with knife and fork

Silly suggestion? Good suggestion but not acceptable? What do you think?

The pros and cons in my view


Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene.

We need to wash our hands before we eat. Sometimes we’re just too lazy to do it.

It is quite common to find unclean soaps in restaurants.

Wash rooms with bad smells are common too. It deters people from spending as much time cleaning their hands as they should (some may say they won’t bother going to wash rooms at all).

And after eating? Ethiopian dish is spicy and oily. Eating with hands means we get from here,

Image removed! See here.

to here,

Image removed! See here.

It takes me a minimum of two minutes to clean my hands. I tend to take more if I’m not in a hurry. Nails are the worst part. It must be even harder for people with longer nails.


  • Tradition. We have so far been eating with our hands. Endewegu endebahilu enketilbet.
  • Injera is too fluffy to manage with knife and fork.
  • Knives and forks are extra cost.
  • Not a con as such.. but let’s not forget knives and forks must be kept clean too.

Nevertheless I think we should start using utensils. Retaining tradition should be lower in the priority list when it comes to hygiene. Injera is too fluffly but we can teach ourselves to use eating utensils for injera.

I say eating utensils because we may find a better alternative than knives and forks. Comparison criteria for utensils can be convenience for use, cost, ease of cleaning, and so forth.

People use chopsticks for example.

It’s hard to image using two thin sticks to eat pasta – for someone who hasn’t used chopsticks before. But it is doable. What’s nice about chopsticks is they’re cheap to produce and easy to carry around.

We can also change how we present our food. Take a stack of injera and wet in a lunch box for example. It is quite easy to eat with a spoon or fork. We don’t necessary have to eat injera off plates.

Most other dish I can think of are relatively easy to eat with utensils. Tibs and kitfo with fork, atikilt with fork and knife (we’re doing this already), genfo with spoon (we do that too), rice with spoon. By the way, wet can be eaten on it’s own too (I do it all the time because I don’t have access to injera). Misir wet be ergo…Yummy.

tiru hasab new? Then let’s do it! I’ll remember to try this next time I visit an Ethiopian restaurant. I can already guess all the BS people will say, but somebody has to start it! I can sit back and relax when my friends get busy washing up.

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. getere
    Dec 17, 2014 @ 15:33:00

    I now get injera pretty much every week. Using a fork never occurs to me. So my friends, forget what I said. Habits are hard to break. PS. I do use fork when I buy “injera be wet” off the streets. They know how to pack it nicely. Come to Brick Lane to see.


  2. rebeccafisseha
    Dec 15, 2014 @ 10:01:51

    what we need is for someone to come up with injera-specific utensils! Put those engineering degrees to work, peoples!


  3. tibebe
    May 02, 2011 @ 12:51:37

    Qoy ene yemilew, misir wet min qibat norot new ejih endih yehonew?

    Misir wet be ergo?! Man, I have been known to mix stuff but this…. I got to hand it to you, Sir Mix-a-lot.

    It is a love affair that we have got with Injera and I hardly think we need a third, fourth party.


    • tilish
      May 02, 2011 @ 19:35:41

      I put small amount of oil on a plate, put small berbere on top, and fiddled with it. It’s fake but it does reproduce the nature of wet.

      Come on. You’re the biologist. You should know about the importance of this better than me surely?


    • MONA
      May 15, 2011 @ 00:14:02

      I am at a coffee shop and I am laughing reading your comment and the lady next to me s wishing she knew why I am laughing like a crazy person… and I am thinking to my self.. hey I am lucky I have these two yetewezagebu guadegnoch……

      I have tried to eat injera withshuka… but so wrong.. chopsticks I have yet to try…
      Sir MIx- a – lot… haha…. wet be ergo is yetelemede neger ezih papiye,, even people eat Genfo with the berbere kibe and then ergo…..

      you should have visited Edom and I in 4 kilo dorm on our late night snacks. we mixed every thing we find into our food… one day we ate rice be ketchup….



      • tibebe
        May 17, 2011 @ 10:06:22

        having ergo with misir with injera -now that is what i call normal. you weirdos! i can’t believe i am calling you weirdos. but look, i am!


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