I’m sorry a man has been shot dead

I thought I should say that I am sorry Osama Bin Laden, a human being, has been shot.

I am sorry, and I don’t care what everybody else thinks. I read it on the news this morning and felt relieved. I felt relieved (and still do) because he has been leading a group that is partly responsible for disturbing world peace. I felt sad too because he, no matter what he has done, is a human being too, with his own failures, just like every single one of us. I have now come from work and seen the news in detail. It’s making me sick seeing people jumping out of joy. It’s as if he has been the source of all our problems. As if we have now gotten rid of all our misunderstandings, as if all extreme islamist thoughts will now go away, and as if all negativity towards Muslims will stop. Since the sad event of September 11 2001, a lot of things have escalated the situation. The Iraq war, originally started with the belief that Iraq had nuclear power, now known to be untrue, has resulted in the deaths of more than one hundred thousand people. There has been beyond belief torture and abuse of prisoners, and many other grave mistakes done. Should people then “do justice” by shooting the heads of US troops? No! Sadam Hussien’s execution is a sad event too. If you are joyful about Bin Laden’s death please go and look at Sadam Hussein’s execution video on youtube. It may disturb you but we really need to get it in our heads that others are humans too. I wish there was a quiet and peaceful gathering to mark the current leader of Al-Qaeda has been stopped, and that we are progressing our move towards peace. Seeing people rejoice is too extreme for me to look at. There are even jokes about it now. We are nowhere close to understanding our problems.

God forgive everyone’s sins and may peace and love be upon us.


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  1. tibebe
    May 03, 2011 @ 09:45:18

    Co fucking sign!

    For whom the bell tolls…

    Wait, they said Iraq had biological weapons not nuclear ones. But if WMD did not cut it, they would have said nuclear weapons to force the issue. So it’s probably the same thing.


    • andthree
      May 04, 2011 @ 18:33:34

      Thanks for the correction tibe. Yes, it was WMD they claimed Iraq had. They had to search for non-existent WMD for years. Still the same.


      • tibebe
        May 07, 2011 @ 09:08:26

        what i don’t get is, with all those children in the house, how was he able to remain undetected? i mean, when i was a child, a new stuff is bought in our house, I was the first one to announce it to any neighbor who happened to visit us.

        did they home school the kids? if they sent them to a regular school, i am sure one of them would have told one of his friends about it.


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