Adde gets married

Ade is getting married as I type.  What were his motives?  Is it the right decision? Is he out of his mind or is he in it? Will he find happiness in this marriage business? (I really hope he does) Wezete wezete -those are for history to decide.

What would the ramifications of his action on our lives be like? (him being one of us and all)

Should we be getting married? If so, how can we go about it?

Linimot sinil man yastamimenal?  Cuz it’s common knowledge that men tend to go first. Maybe this is not a big concern of Betty’s.

Are we at the place we are supposed to be? And who determines that place -us or others?

Other questions I fail to think of right now…


Ade – enkuan des aleh!  I wish you guys a bucket full of happiness! I call dibs on the first born’s yekirstina abatinet!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MONA
    May 15, 2011 @ 00:02:35

    I like your explanation Tiye.. haha….
    But hey Congrats to Ade….

    As for whether we should get … I donot know… Someone actually just told me they are getting married… funny part is that I was just listening to Kieth Urban’s ” you will think of me”…. I guess you know when it is right time to do that… as for me… I donot know… but ade is sure and can listen to keith Urban’s ” only you can love me this way” and feel that way …. only a few are lucky to have that… who knows we will all be lucky that way someday..

    as for the mastamem…. you both have a nurse who will take care of you for as long as you wish……

    Stop Drinking COKe….you are doing damage to your teeth….. humor me and see the effect of coke on your toilet ….

    With our mind set ( meaning yours, mine and Papy’s), we want more even if we achieved some things others consider great things… so no we are not at a place we are supposed to be…



  2. getere
    May 08, 2011 @ 22:42:40

    His motives? – To throw a big party and see as many people as possible. He has too many friends. He keeps a separate contact list because his phone filled up. He chooses his ways so the chances of him coming across someone he knows (pretty much everybody around 4 kilo area, some in Bole, a few hundred in Saris and a couple of thousand more here and there) are minimized. “tisha tishawun new yemihedew”. People get queued up in his calendar over months and years to see him. The “wedding party” is his solution to clear up his chocked calendar. Obviously.

    Is it the right decision? – I think so. He has now just a few people to see (those in BaDa, Edinburgh and minamin)

    Should we be getting married? – why on earth would we want to do that?

    Linimot sinil man yastamimenal? – What? What are you talking about?

    Are we at the place we are supposed to be? – Side effects of coka and ergo. Mts.


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