an external observation, an internal one and a joke which, I fear, no one is going to get

  • Five years after Jah Yasteseryal, it dawned on our spiritual leaders -the importance of asking amnesty for the jailed Dergue officials. Who was it that said “zefagne ayTSedqim?”…
  • I am sick of people flaunting their love -f them! Long live divorces and separations! May the pool of people whom I think I have a chance with (yeah right!) keep on getting wider!!
  • What you are about to see is a play on the myth of Psyche and Charon. Inspiration has been taken from the behavior exhibited by bajaj drivers at dusk and/or when signs of rain are seen.



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  1. getere
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 18:51:06

    I’m glad they’ve been forgiven but it’s not lawful. The law is there to put us all in a fair ground. If the law is not right the law should be changed. That’s why we have bills. Here is a small graphic that shows the process in the UK Ethiopia has it too. But no, instead of applying and developing it, we go back in time and apply shimagle law.

    I like the “comic strip”!


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