Lines written in anger

Hush now donot you cry, there will be a better day, I promise you. some day you will find what you are searching for, Try again, stumble and fall is the heart of it all…”

…….this was supposed to be a response to the desperation written below…. but seriously though, do I have desperate written in my face?… hell no, I donot try hard and I definately donot present my self as desperate, If I like what I see, I go for it but some how I always end up heart broken, but I never stop do I?… No no….I seem to have taken what someone had told me into my heart.. It went like this.”forget my past and dream tomorrow” … but for how long… I donot know.. it hurts and it sucks specially to be led out of the self inflicted hibernation by a sweet talk and to be left alone in the middle of the ocean to drawn. The funny part is I was thinking of just having fun ( my defination of having fun is somewhat different from other people as you know.. so donot get any ideas.)but nothing serious since I had decided a long time ago to take it easy, besides I know if he (the one who lives far far away in the enchanted land, who makes my day bright with just one word, who is confused about me) comes along, I would just change my direction to where ever he wishes to take me, and it would not be fair to who ever is with me unless he, whoever is with me at any moment can change my mind  that he is worth it and I should stay.. knowing me that is a big possiblity too… any way.. Anger should be shusshhed…. shu, shu anger.. go away betty is a happy person …. I am a kindered soul as some lady who just met me described me… I guess I am..

I am seriously saddned by recent turn of events and angry now. But knowing me I will probably forget about this in a second and move on.. I have done that so many times and what is one more right?…haahhaaaaa….

off to a movie with me, my self and Tiye and Papy subliminaly….

one for the road


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 15:34:11

    should i remind you, this ain’t no laughing matter 👿

    are you calling yourself happy?!


  2. getere
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 21:27:30

    wow. you guys have become big ass complainers now. you’ve taken my place.

    it must be the age. don’t worry, after one or two years you’ll be happy again.

    until then watch funny animal videos on youtube!


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