shut the fuck up

kneel the fuck down

don’t you try to be

smart, nice words

you know they amount to jack

and don’t strip it down

to the basics, the bare necessities

the break from question marks

don’t go and substitute it with

ephemeral exclamations

today’s topic will be…

the fuck you need a topic for?

don’t remember

forget not

you have been here before

it’s the first time

be sure to come back

don’t wax lyrical, gush

pronounce it aloud

from your mountain

new one

same old pile of stones

don’t look up

while your inside

is dying for a glimpse

just be still, silent

let it linger

til you have become

one with one

be silence


PS why do you talk so much? I mean, I was just wondering…

aaaaaaaaaayo, i’m tired of using technology!

My eyes were hurting so from staring at the computer for so long that  I had to get away from the mofo and sit somewhere where its rays cannot assault mine eyes. But its allure does not stop -it dares me to take a picture of it

and return back to it in order to post this.

And this was the gebs dabo  I tried to assuage my yearnings for mulmul with; it does the job around 37%: 

Eyes still hurting

Installed one of them programs that remind you to take a break -I seldom pay heed to it.

Damned toshi got me whipped!


wears his heart on a screen

Lore has it that, on an evening of a certain gala, Florentino Perez made an overture for Zidane by scribbling “Do you want to play for Madrid?” on a napkin and passing it to Zidane. And anything you pass to Zidane, you done know he gon take care of it -he said “Yes.”

I probably had this in mind when…

Let us back up for a minute

A rainy night, I am heading home in, you guessed it, a bajaj with two girls. It is the girls’ stop and an altercation breaks out because of the you know what -we fight for our collective rights of 5O cents not being usurped of us. “Dude, you should have warned us about the pricing before we boarded your three-legged-mythical-creature-looking-thingie!”

Next day, same time, no rain, I am on the same bajaj with one of the girls. She remembers me and remarks on the coincidence.  We spend a few seconds discussing the importance of a gentlemen’s agreement in the absence of a written code of conduct for the keepers of said mythical creatures.

We have now run of our singular topic of discussion.

I would have loved to instigate additional conversation; and instigate I did: “What guarantee do we have of that dude not overcharging us just like his brother from yesterday?”

Then silence.

Her stop is approaching. Since one cannot be sure what tomorrow holds for night travelers, one does what thinks is the right thing to do under the situations. One writes “R u  single?” on his mobile and shows it to the girl; she answers: “I don’t understand.” One checks the writing again like “woman, what’s  there to not understand?!” and asks her to do the same -same answer. Having had no plan B, one is resigned to watching her get off (his hopes of getting off crushed) without so much as a goodnight.

Now, naturally one is ashamed of the fiasco and this just maybe the reason one is referring to oneself as one. The wording of his message could be put into question and may even be adjudged by pundits as having been rush -having gone for the jugular (or the pudendal rather) too soon. But need I remind you that I am not trying to marry the girl?  Marriage sucks! I mean, look at my friend! His wifey goes out of town for some time and he immediately comes down with a cold and a health hazard to everybody around him -that’s what he has been reduced to. So dependent 😡

A guy has got needs and I made my move to realize those needs only way I know how; and in a tight timeframe. Maybe there is a little bit of COIKS involved somewhere in there as well. The frigging concept is affecting multiple facets of my life, man. I may have given the girl the impression that I wanted us to get hitched in situ, with the bajaj handler for a priest (and we are in something blue after all) when all I wanted to convey was that I would have liked us to hang out in a supine position if she was not involved with anyone.

Ah well. What can I say? I am honing my skills. If the god/goddess of random encounters so wills it, next time I see her, here is what I am going to do:


the declaration


Let it come hither

If it so desires

At this moment to be free

My whole being aspires

Grab what it can of eternity

Let beauty course through my veins

No I will not help nature

Take its course

Be an accomplice

To its craze, its haste

To everyone their due

Insanity to the world

To the fools

Peace to me, oh sweet peace!

Truth of many a  hue

So, let it salivate from afar, anear, wherever

Stake a claim

Dole out promises fulfilled past

Like it got it all figured out

Here I will be sitting

Spirits and middle finger up

As if it did not cast a long shadow

Its clout meant naught

And oh, should it insist

On a council, I wonder

So please its heart

Would it deign to show its face?

How about the twenty second of never?

Said place

Said attitude

Come get me!






                                                                                         Fuck it, I am hungry!


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