prolix is such a sexy word! it sounds like a cross between a kickass antidepressant and an expensive watch!!

In my new capacity as the course chairperson (CCP) of biochemistry, I declare the floor open for yet another edition of jibber jabbering.

I have tried to come up with an image that best reflects my stand on the whole issue of binomial distributions and the grading of students; and this is what I’ve got. I believe, that at any given moment in time, either students or teachers-rarely together on the same side-are seen to be holding the red or the green lasso, trying to, and succeeding in pulling this the-snout-of-some-big-fish-looking graph to the far right or left:

It’s hard for students and teachers to be on the same page, in both senses of the phrase. A while back, T introduced me to the concept of COIKS. I concede, it is an affliction with which I have to do battle every now and then. So it was brazen of me when I decided that it was a good idea to make my students hip to what COIKS is, to the fact I am a confessed sufferer from it and that, should they sense that I am having a bout, to tell me right away so that we, as a group dedicated to basking in the glorious light emanating from this beautiful sun that goes by the name Biochemistry, make amends right there and then-not let a single strand of the light pass by unenjoyed.

Then I thought what if I failed in explaining to them what COIKS was?

And that was  why…

One article I read on the topic cracked me up. After a session of a reverend preaching his ass off about the conversion of Saul of Tarsus, a member of the congregation goes “From what that preacher said someone might get the idea that Saul and Paul were the same person.” 🙂

One of my students joined a monastery. I was administering a test and he hands in his paper midway. I tell him there was plenty of time left. I learn that he will not be coming back anymore and he would leave a letter explaining his reasons with the student’s representative.  We cross paths later and he tells me that he is following his calling. I tell him, twice, to pray for me-I hope it was heartfelt and free from the blemish of condescension, because, I will be the first to admit it, I am an asshole.

Here are some of the comments that I received from people whom I told about the kid:

Enante yePeda sewoch sewun eyasmererachihu gedam masgebat jemerachihu aydel?!

“Gedam yemihed sew lemanim saynager new yemitefaw; yihe lij memelesu aykerim.”

“You should have advised him not to go.”

But set of opinions on the matter is: one would be very lucky to find out one’s true calling like the kid has; he is going to make, forgive the expression, one hell of a monk; and I really hope he will have me in his prayers.

We have finally done it! We have done away with happiness! We have  got the keys to its jail cell, baby!

YeDesta Beshita aka Rinderpest has been eradicated. I wonder what would have happened if there was no Rinderpest to begin with, say in 1896. The Battle of Adwa would have been a much shorter (shorter than short), much earlier affair -it might even have been fought at a different place. The Etyopian army would have then proceeded to free Eritrea from the grip of the Italians. Maybe Etyopia and Eritrea would have been one big happy family. Maybe the Etyopian political atmosphere would have been much different. Much less bloodshed in the 20th century, maybe…

I suspect, in addition to the lives of cattle and people that it claimed during the Kifu Qen, Rinderpest just may have been responsible for the loss of far too many lives and for a certain Etyopia stagnating through the years as a sad tale mired in a concoction of almost everything bad known to Homo sapiens.

For this reason I say, fuck you Morbillivirus! May you rot in hell,  you 15, 690 to 15, 948  nucleotides  freak!

Funny thing is that the eradication of Riderpest was announced from the FAO headquarters in Rome.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tibebe
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 15:45:47

    you and your dogs, and your babies!

    “The resolution also called on the world community to follow up by ensuring that samples of rinderpest viruses and vaccines be kept under safe laboratory conditions” (for possible utility and biological warfare)


  2. getere
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 21:34:14

    i like the first image (next to pictures of cute animals and babies – take it as a big compliment). its very original. the machid and medosha, the color, the red pen and the attitude.

    so basically students and teachers are pulling the poor guy’s eyes out. and all he wanted to do was to be drawn and to be.

    i guess you can just tell them you can’t magically know what they don’t understand unless they don’t speak up….

    way to go. i hope he enjoys being a monk. i wish i had the balls to follow my dreams like he did.

    burn the carbon and oxygen out of that damn thing! i thoght viruses don’t die, no? can we be sure there isn’t any lying around somewhere getting ready to infect someone?


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