Tiru zena – malaria, liter of light,

Some news stories are too good to read and move away from.

Vaccine for malaria

There’s a promising work towards a vaccine for malaria. Interesting things about it:

– It’s a vaccine for malaria, a disease responsible for 2.23% of deaths worldwide

– It’s based on the fact that some people have developed immunity from malaria

– It can be produced cheaply if it proves successful.

Liter of Light

This one is a very cool innovation to light poorly lit houses. Take a bottle of water, drill a hole in the roof and stick the bottle in. The key thing is the water refracts the sunlight whereas if you simply leave a hole in the roof what you get is a long line of light which doesn’t help much. A little bit of work to keep the roof sealed to avoid rain water from coming through and it’s all set. More on Liter of Light website.


on the topic of meddlesome sisters

You go out with a girl on a working date (file transfer and shit), end up having a good time (girl is funny), tell your sister about it (you tell your little sister everything), tell her that you are not trying to read too much into the situation and for the time being are down for good conversation which you hope to have again soon (there had been talk of more file transfer), your sister decides to articulate your feelings about the time you spent with the girl and sends her a sappy text (good time, next time, fingers crossed,…), you call your sister every kind of name conceivable this side of the Sahara (as usual), give her the whole speech about the road to hell being paved with good intentions (she already has got ten nieces and nephews -I hardly think I need rush intervention) the importance of taking things slow, the girl has not texted back,…



I am Getere and I can’t set my alarm straight. And no, it’s not because I am getere.

Don’t they all look the same? If you are Ethiopian you will know why. It gets worse if you move to another country. Once you start using ferenj akotater, you end up in a midway zombie state where you appear to be (rather, become) a fool who requires a few seconds complete silence to process any kind of time information.

1. A little over a year ago, my wake up alarm for an early flight didn’t ring. I checked online while rushing to the airport. It was a relief.

2. Late last year I missed an important meeting. Too embarrassed, I called in sick and skipped the whole day.

3. Last Monday, bearing in mind I could screw up, ene aradaw, setup two alarms ten minutes from each other. It was a brilliant plan. One of them was wrong but the other one worked. But I was too paranoid so I woke up 20 minutes earlier anyway.

On a serious note (as if my points above are not serious enough) it’s healthier to wake up without an alarm (rooster crows count as alarms too).

mithat, asmat… you best believe the hype!

magic you don’t believe in

I ask you how come

when there is distance in between

I ebb, am unwholesome

and when you are near

no wand

just a hand, a touch

I, as the world knows me

as you made me


no abracadabra either

my name through your lips

with all the petals of my being

towards you, my sun, I blossom

crystal balls

what need do you have for them ?!

the future lies in your eyes

my reflection in them

is the best person I have ever been

ever will be

they are twice the affirmation

twice the promise

screw magic carpets!

I know

your feet carry thoughts of me

everywhere that you go

so, next time you walk around

on God’s green earth

blissfully ignorant of your powers

feel ordinary

just remember this

if it were the 17th century, they would have burned you alive

you’ve been put on earth

to prove yourself wrong

I salute my unassuming teacher

now we are a couple of sorcerers

and then I wake up


This is the first post from Addis Ababa in over 28 months.

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