and it don’t stop. it don’t quit. take that take that take that!

for fuck sakes man

get behind yourself!

awwwww shyt

I got hit again!

same bullet

different shooter

then again methinks it

was the same shooter

good grief

aren’t I a big enough

shield for myself

when life draws on its arsenal

why can’t I draw on life?

what’s the point in living

if one can’t get one’s own back?

leave many selfs behind

to illuminate

the apparent dark

why do I keep falling in

the same hole


why can’t I be bigger than my hole

or sidestep it at the very least?

why do I keep getting smaller?

why do I catch a momentary wave

try to stay on it forever?

why can’t I learn?

why do i yearn, and yearn?

why do I keep feeding the beast

of discontent?


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